How Effective Is Fildena-MEDZSITE

Fildena for the treatment of impotence works by blocking PDE-5 inhibitors. In addition it is very helpful in getting and maintaining a strong erection for sexual arousal.


How does Fildena work?

It works by increasing the blood flow to the penis when an erection occurs. This, in turn, allows for more blood to fill the chambers in the penis. The increase in the size of the chambers in the penis leads to an increase in the capacity of the penis, which, in turn, helps increase sexual stimulation. The increase in blood flow can also help with a man's performance on the penis.

But do all of these things really work?

As with any other male enhancement pill, the active ingredient is Fildena, a prescription drug. Fildena is taken to increase blood flow to the penis during an erection. Some people take it for the sexual benefits alone (there are many sexual activities that can be heightened by the use of fildena) or for its overall effects on the body. If you decide to take fildena, you should know that the pills have some potential side effects, including allergic reactions. There are also cases of fildena overdose, especially if taken in large amounts.

So, How does fildena work to treat erectile disorder?

Most of the time, men take fildena pills shortly before going to sleep at night. The empty stomach allows for the tablet to be absorbed into the bloodstream more quickly and easily. Because of this ability to absorb quickly, most men report that their erection lasted longer and was more firm than usual. However, some men do experience slight side effects such as nausea and jaundice.

 Side Effects

One of the possible fildena side effects that concern doctors the most are dizziness and severe, painful erection. Doctors usually prescribe anti-diuretics or over-the-counter diuretics to control these side effects. Although these medications will relieve the pain, they may also cause dizziness, which, of course, adds to the difficulty of maintaining an erection. If you choose to try additional medications, make sure you discuss them with your doctor. They may not be suitable for your particular situation.If you do experience side effects that interfere with your work or daily activities, talk with your doctor immediately. He can evaluate the level of severity and decide what treatments will be best for you. The short-term effects of fildena can often be treated with a combination of medicine and exercise. Your doctor will probably recommend that you take fildena with or without diet or water and may prescribe a low dosage aspirin or ibuprofen to help relieve the symptoms.

What is Fildena Dosage?

 In more extreme cases, doctors may recommend a blood test to determine if you have high blood pressure, which could indicate the need for your doctor to prescribe stronger medicine. As with any medication, fildena with a higher dose is usually recommended for this kind of problem. If you begin to experience any serious side effects that seem unrelated to the medicine, stop taking it. Continuing to take the medicine could result in further damage.


Serious side effects include pulmonary hypertension (hardening of the arteries) and deep vein thrombosis. Pulmonary hypertension can lead to chest pain, breathing problems and rapid heart rate. Deep vein thrombosis occurs when blood gets stuck in a vein, usually in the leg, and could cause swelling, bruising and pain. Both of these are life-threatening conditions that require immediate medical attention. If you experience either of these symptoms, call your doctor immediately and make sure you are tested for either pulmonary hypertension or deep vein thrombosis.

When taking fildena tablets, always be careful to follow your physician's exact dosage instructions. Always take fildena as directed, at all times, even if you feel better or think you are not having any side effects. Follow all the directions on the package, including the dosage and frequency of taking the medicine. For more details, talk to your doctor.

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