A Pokemon Sword and Shield streamer catches rare shiny Sinistea

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For a long time, Shiny Pokemon or shinies have been favored by fans because of their rarity. Even so, some Cheap Shiny Pokemon are rarer than others. The small pink teacup named Sinistea is one of the rarest in Sword and Shield.

In Sword and Shield, Sinistea has two forms: the real form and the counterfeit form. You can distinguish the authentic Sinistea from the fake, because it has a small blue swirl, which is a sign of authenticity, proving that this creature is a rarer form. Rare Pokemon hunters have discovered that under normal circumstances, the authentic form seems to have a one-tenth to 100 chance of appearing in the wild.​​

On Wednesday this week, streamer Dominick "DOM1NaT0r" Hanson finally found a Sinistea after 10,679 encounters, countless hours of training, and a whole year of hunting. He estimates that his chance of encountering Pokemon is about one in 909,090. This is almost one in a million shot chances, but these odds did not stop him, allowing him to successfully capture one.

Hanson said that he spent so much time just because Sinistea is his "favorite Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield", and it would be cool for him to have a shiny authentic one.

We have to admire Hanson's willpower and his love for Sinistea. Everyone has their own choice on how to get Shiny Pokemon. Some people will use cheating to get one, some people will spend a lot of time capturing one themselves like Hanson, while some players will choose to Buy Shiny Pokemon from a reliable store. In any case, PKMBUy will update the latest Pokemon in time and provide players with the best service.