Axie Infinity Clone Script - Play and Trade to Clone Money!

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Axie Infinity Clone Script To Launch NFT based Digital Pet Game Like Axie Infinity on Popular Blockchain Network. With our Axie Infinity Software, anyone can start a War-based game built for NFTs that runs on Popular Blockchain Network

Axie Infinity Clone Script is an application script that enables you to launch your own Gaming Platform like Axie Infnity NFT Game which is a digital trading game platform built on blockchain network of Ethereum where players can breed, raise, battle and trade impressive digital monsters so called Axies or creatures.


BlockchainAppsDeveloper provides you an outstanding Axie Infinity Clone Script that is embedded with top-notch features and functions of the NFT Gaming Platform - Axie Infinity. This Axie Infinity Clone Script can also be built on Binance Smart chain, EOS as well as TRON as per your requirements that helps you to start your own NFT Gaming Platform to trade unique assets that are non-fungible tokens. These NFTs in Axie Infinity uses ERC721 standard tokenization, that can be used within games to provide players  many exclusive rights and opportunities.


  What is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity is based on Blockchain network digital pet universal game inspired from pokemon, where players can easily earn tokens through playing games. In this game the players can battle, collect, breed, and build a kingdom for their creatures usually known as Axies exactly similar to CryptoKitties.


Axies are non-fungible tokens that represents Cryptographically unique characters that cannot be exchanged or altered. Like the famous Pokémon, they are born and raised to battle. While Axie is not just a game, it has built an active social network of community, and a emerging jobs platform due to the play for earning opportunities.


In a nutshell, the game is about battling ferocious (with adorable) pets called Axies and earning cryptocurrency benefits as rewards, collecting super rare Axies with limited edition skins, then for building a land-based kingdom where you can connect with friends and fight for control of resource points.



 Axie Infinity Tokens 

Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) - AXS is an ERC-20 token that holds two main functions. First,  the tokens are used to reward the players for interacting within the Axie Infinity platform, at the same time encouraging the users will automatically get hold on to the AXS tokens to claim further rewards that engages the players all times.


The main use of the Axie Infinity token is to maintain the decentralized governance of the entire Axie Universe which helps in power of voting. Axie Infinity is considered to be the first decentralized game owned by the players that are up to the truth of knowledge


Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) acts as a paste that sticks all Axie community members together in a same place. The holders of the axie token will be able to claim rewards if they stake the tokens, playing, participating, etc,. Players can earn $AXS when they play variety of  games and events within the Axie Infinity.


 How to make money with Axie Infinity? 

Axie Infinity benefits the players with rewards of ERC-20 AXS (Axie Infinity Shards) tokens. There are many ways to earn money with Axies. For new players - the most common method is to earn utility token, small love potion (SLP), and selling it through liquidity pool at the decentralized trading platform, Uniswap.


Competing in battles to win prizes of leaderboard.

Raising and Breeding Axies for selling them on the marketplace can give you lots of money.

Collecting and using rare Axies such as Mystics and Origins.

Farming the love potions and selling them on cryptocurrency exchange platforms such as Uniswap and Binance.

  Use in-game AXS (Axie Infinity Shards) tokens to buy digital collectibles and assets inside the world of Axie Infinity.


 Security Features of our Axie Infinity Clone Script   

  • A complete Decentralized platform

  • All the transactions are Peer 2 peer.

  • All the data is protected by encryption.

  • Multiple layer of Security.

  • Multi Crypto wallet integration.

  • Multiple Payment Gateway Integration

  • KYC and AML Integration

  • 2 Factor Authentication


 Functionalities of Axie Infinity Clone Script   

  • Staking

  • Decentralized Governance

  • Payment

  • Marketplace

  • Purchase Eligibility

  • Breeding

  • Native Tokens

  • Battle

  • Land


 Why to kick-start your own NFT Gaming Platform like Axie Infinity?   

Hence, there are a list of popular NFT games that allows you to make huge cryptocurrencies while playing online. Axie Infinity is the one among the most popular NFT Game that creates a huge demand among the users to kick start their own Gaming Platform like Axie Infinity.


Axie Infnity is the top rated NFT Game in the market ranked 7th in Ethereum based Decentralized applications, 15th in Radar Games Category and in DApp Radar Listings, ranks 86th.


Our Axie Infinity Clone Script will offer you a smooth and hassle-free gaming and earning experiences by trading, breeding, battling with buying the land of Axies.


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Our Blockchain-powered NFT Axie Infinity Clone Script delivers end-to-end marketplace services by acquiring the same parameters, features, and functionalities of the football game Axie. Axie clone can be developed by executing the Axie Clone Script that can be altered based on clients' requirements and specifications at ease.