Enlisted viral apps affecting your personal and smartphone security

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There is an incredible transformation seen in mobile phones since their establishment. There are many applications that are available on your smartphones that are there for entertainment purposes. Just do not let the potential risk to your personal information safely ruin your smartphone apps for you. Throughout this article, we will discuss the viral apps affecting your personal and smartphone security and how to get the security from hampering your security. So, let us get started! By Mcafee.com/activate


Popular apps that can affect your personal and smartphone security

Here are some of the popular apps that come to the limelight very quickly and have a high risk to be breached or hacked. Here are some of such apps that can be tracked down by hackers:

  • Voilà AI Artist: This is one of the trending apps that recreate your face into a cartoon avatar/ caricature. The users can easily take a snap or selfie with the app or allow the app to access the library. According to Mcafee.com/activate, this app can be affected by Deepfakes, these are the fabricated videos, images, or sound clips every day or with real videos and images.
  • Faceapp: Another face-altering app that can pose a risk to users, privacy is the Face app. Similar to the Voilà AI Artist, it is unclear that what the app does with you once you allow the app to take your picture.
  • Pokémon Go: While the Pokémon Go game has a craze of 2016, the next viral app that sweeps the world and replicates the security vulnerabilities the premise presents. You can use the app all you need to download McAfee mobile security on your device via Mcafee.com/activate.
  • Tiktok: This app may pose a risk to user’s data privacy. TikTok is under the suspicion for using data mining tactics. Just use McAfee via mcafee.com/activate.


How to use smartphone apps safely?

You just need to check out these tips in order to make sure that you are prepared to use the app securely or help you to decide to skip the trends entirely. You are suggested to use the McAfee subscription via Mcafee.com/activate. Well here are some tips and tricks to securely use the apps on your smartphones apart from downloading the McAfee software:

  • Do not give in to fads.
  • Just research before downloading anything.
  • You need to change the app permissions.
  • The user can subscribe to mobile privacy protection.

Final thoughts: 

By the end of this topic, we expect by highlighting these details you will get an idea of viral apps affecting your personal and smartphone security. We recommend you to visit Mcafee.com/activate and download the security subscription also. However, if you still have queries related to the topic then we suggest you visit the official website and get assistance for the same.