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Fildena 50(Sildenafil) tablet is a PDE5 inhibitor prescribed to treat impotence in men, which helps to increase blood flow in the penile area and produce an erection.


According to the results of researches conducted, Fildena 50 tablets proved to be a better alternative than viagra. The research studies also showed that men who took Fildena 50 medicine experienced significant improvement in their sexual life. The improvement in male sexual functions is caused by the presence of sildenafil citrate. These ingredients not only treat erectile dysfunction but also improve the functioning of reproductive organs.

Men suffering from temporary or permanent hearing loss due to aging can also use Fildena 50 pills as an alternative to Viagra. The ingredients in this alternative medicine like sildenafil citrate also help in improving the blood flow to the head of the penis which is the main cause of hearing loss. Even a person suffering from high blood pressure can also take Fildena medicine as an alternative to take prescription medicines. Some people may experience slight dizziness while consuming Fildena pills. However, this condition does not last for more than 10 minutes.

Unlike most over-the-counter medicines, Fildena cannot be easily converted into an aerosol or liquid form. As a result, you cannot spray or rub this medicine around your nose and mouth. Instead of consuming this oral medication, you have to chew a piece of the generic and breathe through the mouth. You have to swallow the generic through the mouth and let it stay in your stomach for about fifteen minutes before throwing it out. You will not be able to swallow the Fildena tablets easily because it is very small in size. The chewing process helps in breaking down the tablets into smaller molecules.

Sildenafil is an extremely effective generic treatment for impotence and for erectile dysfunction in men. The active ingredient is believed to be ginsenosides, and they are mainly found in the root of sildenafil. It is also used to treat problems associated with fatigue in addition to treating sexual impotence and erectile dysfunction. The main function of it is to improve the immune system which improves overall health. It has been used as an aphrodisiac since ancient times, and it is extremely effective in increasing the libido and strength of the male organ.

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