First Impressions of Madden 21

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First Impressions of Madden 21

Being among the owners of the game I was excited to dive into the beta and submitted my email to the connection weeks. Tonight, like most of you I have been diving next year, in the beta trying to have a feel for Mut 21 coins the changes. Wow, So distinct let me tell you. After my match was installed I decided to jump to a head to head game to determine how things felt. Approaches I have never seen before ran! A play that was known as cover 4 fall show 2? But he brought down everyone and delivered a great deal of backers. Some truly powerful things that I am excited to try in the sport. He appeared to have guys open on corner routes a lot? Not certain but that may be the play next year! Additionally utilize timeouts and he liked to celebrate a lot from the open area. Each these changes have me excited for the end of August and I cannot wait to see other schemes attracted to life in Madden 21!

A couple of thoughts from me: Running feels similar. The changes to the R rod moves were far less extreme than I anticipated, although a ton didn't run. Contains seem like they work! I attempted the slide away from hb, block the HB, double the DT, ID the end-type scheme that in 20 almost always let's you rollout, and when my opponent was on a feature, it shut down the rollout. The rusher does an effective job of keeping you, also doesn't rush into the HB block. After the snap is huge, taking away the fast precision penality for throws right. I just played the pc, but I really could throw wheel routes daily, if the CBs weren't playing flat zone.

Seemed overpowered. Really, any path that breaks to the sideline may be deadly this season. A Texas route from your HB, motioned out could be really excellent. Coach adjustment menu allows you to toggle between offense and defense. You don't need to be on defense to make coaching adjustments that are defensive. Nice touch. The same zone beating theories appear to operate in 20. You can get a cover 2 deep zone to dumb out with the ideal route mixes, you can perform the typical cover 3 bomb notion, cover 4 has bombed with a lanky post and deep in, etc. Same stuff. In general feels like Madden 20.

The very first part of Madden 21 is people wanting to run the meta of Madden 20. No one knows what the meta will be until they get phased out, they will stick with the plays. I really don't know if 3-4 bear or c4ds2 blitzes will get phased out but that I expect 1-4-6 to be one of the first things to go when people realize that you can sub in tight ends in spread circles then audible down to deeper sets. Roll out corners will be around for a bit until we figure out the optimal depth for the zone drops to stop them and how much variety those zones have. Folks will run elongate but it should not be effective and will eventually be phased out of the meta.

Did you attempt using the drop zone assignments to cover the corner routes? You'll be able to inform the horizontal zones in which to perform if you go to coaching adjustments. You can have them return up to 30 yards iirc. I was able to utilize it in a couple instances and although it was able to easily cover the corner and/or crossers, you were severely lacking from the underneaths. Unfortunately although I am sure a place is there isn't a practice way I did not get to use it, to test it. The flats play down and could simply have the curls play and buy mut coins madden 21 create a mable policy to the corner to repair it. I really do like that inclusion a lot it's just gonna take practice and some studying to find the sweet spots.