Walkthrough of the Coinbase Wallet service for your crypto

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Know all about the Coinbase wallet that will let you store your crypto funds safely along with its key features and the process of transferring crypto into it.

We’ve all witnessed the emerging of technology and the Internet has still been the most appreciated of all. And because of that the world simply changed the way of living. With everything online, not long ago, we were introduced to the concept of digital currency, famously known as cryptocurrency.

You should know that these currencies only have virtual existence and are backed by advanced cryptography that secures them from getting attacked or meddled with. Soon, the market was flooded with a ton of crypto variants and people started trading and investing in it.

Coinbase has now become the top exchange platform for crypto and offers users to trade and invest in fifty different crypto variants. And this read is dedicated to familiarize you with the Coinbase wallet that lets users store their crypto money in a single location.

We’ll be discussing the features of this digital wallet and how you can move on to transferring the crypto funds from your Coinbase account to the wallet.

What are the key characteristics of the Coinbase Wallet?

Let’s walk you through the major features, which would make you join the Coinbase wallet for keeping your crypto safe and use it to trade or invest at any time that you see fit:

  • It is designed with exclusive safety features and can be termed a digital safe.
  • It is considered to be an effective medium to trade and earn interests on assets and DEXs.
  • Users are not mandated to create their Coinbase accounts to use its wallet service.
  • Crypto fanatics get the authority to use and experience the free exchange application.

Transferring crypto from Coinbase account to the wallet

Carefully, go through the steps that would lead you to successfully transfer your crypto funds to your Coinbase wallet from the Coinbase account:

  1. Begin with launching the wallet app on your phone.
  2. Hit “Settings” and move to the “Buy or Transfer” tab.
  3. Settle on any compatible crypto and feed in the amount.
  4. Put a hit on “continue” and move on with the prompts.


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Coinbase leads the industry for cryptocurrency exchange platforms with the best features and the largest verified choices of crypto variants. The detailed read above has been des9igned to give you a clear insight into the Coinbase Wallet, which is a digital wallet service by Coinbaswe to provide users with the ease of storing their crypto, and trading and investing in crypto directly from there.