Custom Live Streaming App Development

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Custom Live Streaming App Development

Real-time broadcasts and streaming video have become differentiators for many businesses: in 2019, 87% used video as a marketing tool. Ninety-six percent of users say they used a how-to video to learn more about a product, and 79% of users say video convinced them to make a purchase.To get more news about moonlive, you can visit official website. 500X423-1.jpg With more than a decade of experience delivering live streaming and events, Softjourn has been a trusted partner in hosting many major U.S. series, live events, and video on demand services including The Daily Show, MTV, Nickelodeon, Big Brother, Jersey Shore, EPiX, and more.

Whether it’s developing a live streaming app from scratch, extending the functionality of existing live streaming services, or integrating with current platforms like Wowza or Brightcove, we’re sure we can find the right solution for your business’s needs Even before current events caused demand to skyrocket, live streaming was already exploding in popularity. Forty-seven percent of live streaming viewers worldwide are watching more live videos than compared to a year ago.

Deliver a consistent experience no matter where your audience is located with adaptive bitrate streaming. With adaptive streaming, we can help you achieve the best video quality and viewer experience possible for both high-end and low-end connections. iOS has a higher adoption rate and popularity in Western Europe and North America. It also has higher penetration in the enterprise market due to a reputation for security. Since iOS apps are written in Apple’s official programming language, Swift, it can take less time (and thus cost) to develop. Android has the greatest global market share and is dominant in up-and-coming markets such as Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Due to being open source, Android apps offer wider flexibility to customize mobile applications. Publishing to the Google Store usually only takes a handful of hours.