Nintendo Might Delay the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Next Big Update

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Players have had a heated discussion about whether there will be any major updates to Animal Crossing: New Horizons in the near future, and there are divergent opinions. Some old players as Nintendo's delay in updating, resulting in a lack of new content in the game are quitting the game. However, many fans still trust Nintendo and are waiting hard. Regardless of the result, you can Buy Bells Animal Crossing at ACItems.

However, it is not that we will see hope if we persist in waiting. Sometimes we will end up with greater disappointment. According to some data miners, players will not see major updates next month. This shows that players will have to show more patience again to support Nintendo's update plan. So when can players expect a major update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Most of the time, players can look forward to the new update through the last event date of the ongoing update. In the 1.11 update, the last update has ended on September 21. Therefore, players expect Nintendo to release a big update in the fall of October. Players believe that Nintendo will update the game and launch new seasonal events in October and November.

However, according to reports from some data miners, all seasonal events are already in the game, and developers just need to make them available over time. We will see three seasonal events in October and November, from October 25th to November 20th.

Although these seasonal items are already present in the game files, players cannot access them even with the time travel feature. Therefore, we may see Nintendo launch a small update, just to allow players to use these items. This will make many players feel uneasy because many of them want to see Brewster come.

In any case, the cafe update is likely to be confirmed, and we will definitely see it in the future; however, it seems that players will have to wait until the end of November or the end of December to see the main content update.

Interestingly, there are rumors that Nintendo may release a major update that includes Brewster's arrival and all three seasonal events. Unfortunately, the chance of getting a major update in October is very small, and we may have to wait until November.

When do you expect Nintendo to release a major update? Are you ready to quit or continue to wait? Welcome to the comment section of ACItems and let us know, and also help you easy to Buy Cheap Animal Crossing Bells.