New changes in Outland Overlord with WOW TBC Classic

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The new update of the WOW TBC Classic has arrived. Outland King brought a lot of new content. Every update of WOW TBC Classic will bring new updates. Players who enter the new version update can enter the cave of the Viper Temple to fight with Lady Vashi. Players should understand that WOW TBC Classic is not an easy battle. If you want to win, choose Buy TBC Classic Gold. This can help players save a lot of time and energy.

new challenge
Although this update introduces new content, it will take some time for the new content to appear. Players need to meet certain conditions before they can open new content. Such as completing multiple task chains. Players cannot unlock the new content of TBC if they cannot complete the entry conditions before the game. Of course, there will be corresponding rewards for completing any competition.

Guild bank
In addition, the Association Bank is also newly added. Before that, the leaders of the guild usually produced multiple first-level characters and used their backpack space and bank storage space to store the last various production materials and supplies. But this process is very cumbersome. The newly added guild bank makes this process easier. Players can easily access items.

A browser tool
Outland King also brought a team browser in-game tool. You can use the tool to list your team information and sign up to participate in various activities. The above will record in detail the activities or tasks previously participated in. Before this tool appeared, players had to manually invite players to join the team.

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