Is RS3 more stable/less broken than OSRS?

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I actually had an account that I played with my buddies for maybe like a week just messing around on. Several years later I log in to. Tutorial island. I thought it was amusing since I swore I had played this account before, it had my primary username and everything. Checked my buddies list and sure enough I had a friends list with individuals on RS gold and they had me in their friends list from when we played together. I'm unsure what happened to the account as there was nothing in the email accounts connected to it.

Your accounts isnt wiped. Accounts dont move from rs3 into osrs as far as such and stats go, however you can login with the same email/account and start it from fresh. In case youre saying that you have been playing and have trained then it seems like youre simply logging into the incorrect account. Idk exactly, however I do understand reports dont have reset or damaged. So if you are certain that youve had an osrs acc that you played and have trained up since after the 2013 release of osrs then your acc is not there. If you said it's been 3 months since you logged in last then look up your acc about the high scores. Unless you botted and they reset it, but that only happens if its an old acc that you havent played forever and wanted it unbanned.

I have had it since OS release and have trained my account, and the account is still on the highscores. I thought maybe its possible they transfered it across mails if thats possible. However, my password reset remains on my own email address once I do the password in my first account. So its like they picked my account just like a lego block and lost it. My password resets are great to my email and account, but if I log in im back in tutorial island. Youre logging in with the incorrect accounts mate. You may of not realized you're employing a diff acc possibly or something im not sure, but if its on HS nevertheless then it signifies its busy.

Is RS3 more stable/less broken than OSRS?

For the past couple of days I've started to watch more and more RuneScape videos on Youtube. You understand the algorithm of Youtube works. Watch one thing and it recommends increasingly more similar stuff, at least attempts. I've nothing against OSRS, play anything you like as long as you really feel as though you enjoy the time. I have yet to stumble upon one video that goes to botting issues. On the other hand I've seen at least 20 videos of OSRS bot farms, exploits or whatever mass profit opportunities these cheaters come up with. Is this algorithm just playing me is OSRS more vulnerable and overall devalues any legit participant activity in OSRS buy golde?