You need to know some things about Marshal in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, with more than 400 villagers, players will have some problems with how much they live in their villages or islands. But most players want a very specific villager, and the Marshal is the most popular one.

Simultaneously, Marshal is a smug squirrel that allows countless Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans are crazy about it. Why is it so attractive? ACItems will answer for you. After finding the answer, you can buy Animal Crossing Items on ACItems.

1. His uniqueness
Although there are a few squirrels in Animal Crossing and there are a few smug species in the game, the Marshal is the only smug squirrel.

With this alone, he can become one of a kind and easy to spot villager in any village or island. Coupled with his cute appearance, it is obvious why many players think he is the ideal addition to their island.

2. His friendliness
The marshal may not seem like the friendliest villager at first, but his character can actually help him to get along with most of the other types of villagers.

This is in stark contrast to his angry demeanor because he is very friendly and does not hesitate to make kind comments. He does feel a bit narcissistic sometimes, but this only adds to his overall charm and appeal.

3. His birthday
The Marshal was born on September 29, which makes him a Libra.
Usually, Libra is known for being peaceful, gentle, and social, all of which apply to the marshal. They also tend to avoid confrontation and loud noises, which is also true considering that the marshal does not always agree with the grumpy villagers.

4. His aspirations
Like many other villagers in Animal Crossing, Marshal has some lofty aspirations and dreams. Specifically, he seeks to become a world-renowned designer.

This reflects his style to some extent. His initial clothes were a fluffy jacket or denim vest, and he would be seen in Able Sister's shop from time to time, undoubtedly looking for new clues.

5. His appearance
Marshal first appeared in the Nintendo 3DS game Animal Crossing: New Leaves. Since then, he has appeared in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for mobile phones and Animal Crossing: New Horizons on the Nintendo Switch.

Judging from his current popularity, it can be safely assumed that he will also appear in future Animal Crossing games.

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