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AWS Solutions Architect Exam Practice Questions and dumps ...

The following training advice is applicable to all AWS certifications. 1. VIDEO COURSE The best place to start is with a video course. If you don’t know which certification to take, check out this article. Once you’re ready, choose a video course and start learning AWS. I recommend ensuring your training should include hands-on practice labs. Make sure the course you choose includes both a discussion of the theory and a practical example for each service. Many courses have very little hands-on and lots of theory which is a poor teaching technique for memory retention. Our courses include lots of hands-on as well as theory and each course is entirely standalone so you can take any course and you’ll have everything AWS Certified Solutions Architect Dumps you need to pass the exam. Here are examples of our current video training courses: AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner – this is a foundational level certification for those who are starting fresh with the AWS Cloud. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate – this is the most popular certification and is a well-regarded Associate level certification. Recommended for everyone working with AWS. AWS Certified Developer Associate – mainly aimed at Developers but useful for anyone who works in a DevOps environment or works with serverless services such as AWS Lambda, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon API Gateway.


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