Finally can get Zarude and Shiny Celebi in Pokemon Sword and Shield

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Pokemon distribution events have become a stable state of the franchise, and each game will give away rare Pokemon that are difficult or impossible to obtain. Casual players always Buy Shiny Pokemon if they don't have caught one in the game. A new event is now being held with the newly released Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle, in which Pokemon Dada Zarude and Shiny Celebi will be distributed to the owners of Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Those who have registered for the Pokemon Trainer Club newsletter before September 25th will receive an email, where they'll acquire a code that they can enter in either Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield via the mystery gift option.

When they after doing so, they will get Dada Zarud, whose debut appears in the new Pokemon movie and cannot be obtained in any other way. Of course, Celebi has been around since Pokemon Gold and Silver and has been part of almost every generation of release activities, but now it is Shiny.

Dada Zarude is talented at level 70, and Shiny Celebi is at level 60. Dada Zarude will also be slightly different from other Zarudes, because it will wear a pink cape, just like Dada Zarude in the movie.

Although long-term fans of the series are likely to own Celebi, those who are just beginning to venture into Pokemon Sword and Shield will be satisfied with this shiny addition. Of course, Zarude had already held an event in Pokemon Sword and Shield last year, but this will mark the first time Dada Zarude appeared wearing a pink cape.

Unfortunately, those that have not signed up for the Pokemon Trainer Club newsletter in time will have missed their chance to acquire both these mythical Pokemon. However, those who miss the opportunity should not worry, you can choose to go to the store to buy one, and buy Shiny Pokemon any you want on it.