Consider giving yourself an challenge with my own league.

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You do realize clothes items do nothing to boost your sponsorships? All you get is free shoes from whatever business you signed with. Much. More. Interesting. Park, play now, my group online, rec my team the cages. All of 2K MT these are so much better than just grinding mycareer. You invested your VC on things then complain about how it takes too long to upgrade characters? Playing with one season gives you enough to reach 90. Playing rec and other modes gives enough for to 95+.

Consider giving yourself an challenge with my own league. Play online. Rebuild a team that is struggling realistically. In summary, no I do not encourage the predatory microtransactions and greediness of 2K, but your complaints are only wrong. Because you spent everything on 26, you gained sufficient vc to get them to 95, however did not get up them. You did not even attempt to access half NBA 2K21, the enjoyable half and therefore are saying NBA 2K21 is dull. You asserting it's e rated and must be easy that has become the dumbest argument I have ever heard. E is satisfied evaluation there is a game. A match that is competitive should not be easy. NBA 2K21 requires at least a bit of skill, it just sounds like you don't want do the job.

A day to answer 8, It took. I had some things to do. So where do I start. Hopefully in 2K21 they will get rid of this, but I ai not holding my breath. The VC thing. Yeah.I got bored of grinding it out and since I'm broke I am not paying for this. I didn't know there wasn't an incentive to being decked out in the clothing of my sponsor in order that was unnecessary spending.

Onto Multiplatyer, I am not paying $10-$60 for PS+. That is a rip-off started by Microsoft and I won't buy into it. So what if half of NBA 2K21 is locked supporting the demand for your own subscription? It's half NBA 2K21 I will not be playing because it is not worth the investment right now. Plus dependent on the experience I did have when I had PS+ (poisonous players, complaints about how awful my build is, etc.) and you will see why I have decided to never touch the Park 39 and a half foot rod. Playing on a harder dificulty in MyLeague has been done already.not moving around that again.

Playing NBA 2K21 in general on a difficulty was performed already so I ran out of things to do. I am gonna log in and then play a game who is most interesting content is secured behind a subscription service during a pandemic where alongside no one will get the money to maintain their subs. Eventually the yearly subs are gonna come to an end and the monthly subs are either on their final month or they are already out. I am bored. I've done all and noticed all. With or without a PS+ subscriptin I've done everything in NBA 2K21 that I can do.

You're missing out on a great deal of games, if you are simply purchasing ps. You are telling me you never play multiplayer ANYTHING? Also, ratings are not done by how difficult NBA 2K21 is. How picture the material is done it. If you think a sports game should be the same score as CoD or destiny you are mad. T (example: WWE 2K) means there is a little of it, but it isn't superb graphic. M (example: GTA) implies that there's a good deal of it that it is a focus on NBA 2K21. Nba 2K doesn't have any violence, swearing, or sexual intercourse, therefore it's rated e.

According to the ESRB, it isn't merely the graphic nature of the material. Things are taken into account. For example, if you're able to go into a casino or Buy NBA 2K Coins something comparable and wager cash (real or fake), that is Simulated Gambling, a material descriptor that isn't used quite often (commonly viewed in Poker or casino simulation games). Exchanging currency (real or imitation ) to get a decoration is betting, especially when you have the likelihood of getting something better than that which you might be expecting. Enough about the ESRB rating however, there is so much there and it's got nothing to do at big. PS isn't worth the investment As I said.