Surf Shop Auckland

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Aotearoa Surf School, so also operate all along the east coast north of Auckland, including Orewa, Omaha, Pakiri, Te Arai, Mangawhai, Langs Beach and Waipu Cove.

Get out on the water with a sport designed with everyone in mind! Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is safe, fun and easy and we will make sure you have a great experience. All lessons include the use of our fleet of Ocean Earth Squeeze Boards and high end Surftec Balboas; these SUP boards are stable and easy to use no matter your skill level. You won’t get wet unless you jump in! All equipment provided by Aotearoa Surf.

A holiday would not be complete if you did not participate in some of water sports that are on offer. Surfing to motor boat hire, scuba diving and parasailing are all popular choices with holiday makers. When you plan your trip for Surfing then you will be aware of the Spanish climate. If you do decide to visit a region that has it coastline backing then the temperatures will be far from similar. When select a Surf Shop Auckland to base your surfing holiday you need to take into consideration which ocean you want, but also the season in which you plan on visiting this place. The coastline in spring for example will offer an environment only suitable for experienced surfers. The colder waters and unpredictable weathers will cause choppy water that a beginner should not even think about attempting to surf.

If you are in the area, than you will find hundreds of beaches and locations from where you can move into the ocean to surf. You can go which is very close. You can even visit places and here you can find Surfing Report which are very popular among surfers. Though it does not have such a long coastal area it still has some of the best surfing locations. If you are in the area, than you can head towards which is another coastal location where you can surf great places where you can not only enjoy surfing but also enjoy your holidays and vacations along with your family and friends. Fraser Coast and Sunshine Coast are very popular among the locals who love to surf when they have some time to go for the adventure. It does have a good amount of coastal area but it is not recommended to surf there.

Surf lessons can be private or in groups and last for about an hour. Most surf schools guarantee that you will stand up on a wave. If you dont, you can usually come back for another surf report nz for free until you do. It might appear unnecessary and dorky, but a beginning surf lesson will likely accelerate your surfing ability more than the trial and error of learning on your own than your least favorite middle school teacher. You and your experienced surfing friends might paddle out together, but your friends might leave you treading water at the lineup while theyre catching all the waves. Thats why you are much better off shelling out for a first lesson.  So, if you are looking for surf report nz then contact AOTEAROA SURF SCHOOL.