"Sex Doll" Classic Film Critics

"Sex Doll" is a drama/erotic genre directed by Sylvie Verheidi and starring Afsia Elch/Ash Stemester/Carole Rocher Movies, articles, some of the audience's film reviews carefully compiled by the editor, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.


"Sex Doll" Classic Film Critics

"Sex Doll" is a drama/erotic genre directed by Sylvie Verheidi and starring Afsia Elch/Ash Stemester/Carole Rocher Movies, articles, some of the audience's film reviews carefully compiled by the editor, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

   " lifelike sex dolls " Film Critic (1): Coquettish Little Whore-Vicini

   coquettish little whore-Victory

Big Breasts TPE Sex Doll Tatjana

   1. Sometimes you want to express something, don’t do something, don’t do something, the effect is better;

   There is no fascinating story, and there is no surprising skill in making a case, but it is so attractive. A piano piece connects two childish boys and girls. Sensitive subject matter, but I don’t want to shoot sensitively. What cultural prejudice, what kind of industry discrimination, dirty eyes to read dirty stories, the little prostitute-Victoria is as pure as ever.

  2, adults need fairy tales more than children, especially love fairy tales;

   Children don’t need so many fairy tales, because they themselves live in the fairy tale world.

   fantasize about being a fighter for freedom and peace in the future;

  Unfortunately, most of these children grow up and become monsters of all walks of anime sex doll .

  The irony between ideal and reality.

  The involuntary role change makes adults feel a little emotionally depressed;

   So, they are in desperate need of a decent love fairy tale.

   This film is such a love fairy tale.

h1 class=font-22 font-bold158cm Samantha Young Blue Eyes Girl Real Blonde Sex Doll/h1

  3, there are many kinds of prostitutes;

   is considered a kind of good-looking, but like the little prostitute-Vichini, with crispy breasts and charming, it is considered the best;

   is considered a kind of good character, but like the little prostitute-Vichini, who is childish and loves first, it is considered the best;

   Supreme + first-class, fairy tales are nothing more than that.

   By the way, the male protagonist is sexy, and he has a fight with the little prostitute-Victory.

  4, Chinese and Western prostitutes have different concepts;

   China also has reliable adult love fairy tales,

   Not to mention "The Story of the West Chamber", "A Dream of Red Mansions" is not to say, "Jin Ping Mei" is also considered, "Du Shi Niang" is more like.

However, when I mention "Du Shi Niang", I am afraid that a bunch of words of praise will pop up in my mind. It is simply the Chinese Lady Liberty. In fact, it is just a fight for myself. The only difference may be this. The cost of struggle in China is relatively high;

   Looking back at Western love fairy tales, everything is so natural, it's just a choice in life.

  5, I don’t understand music, but the soundtrack is really beautiful.

   " sex doll torso " Film Review (2): Beautiful people

   Slender skin lines,

   pores under the light,

   wet hair,

   Light blue pupils...

  The corners of the vague mouth are raised,

   the biting facial features...

  All right.

   I am completely fascinated by male pig's feet. Purely beautiful things, people can't help but have a kind of primitive desire, want to take it as their own, put it around like a toy, you can use it to play and watch at any time...

h1 class=font-22 font-boldPiper Doll Phoebe 130cm D-Cup Elf TPE Sex Doll/h1

   is a horrible movie. The passion drama is not exciting, and the kiss drama does not kiss the tongue. It feels that the meaning of the script is to show off the male protagonist’s beautiful body and carry forward the male protagonist’s handsomeness. And the heroine, really makes people afraid to look directly... Doesn't the film of this road need a pair of beautiful people to set off? Does this make me wonder for a while that the cameraman and director are fascinated by the male protagonist regardless of the plot and the movie? Check the background information of the male protagonist, I will wipe it! It turned out to be the little boy favorite of Johnny Depp's little daughter. All the confusion is solved. To be rich is to be willful.

   " TPE sex doll " film review (3): a documentary of sex workers

   Once upon a time, I watched a documentary about sex workers. The documentary showed the life of sex workers and their own helplessness.

   has never been a documentary, and has learned more about sex workers at the bottom.

   The film is about more advanced compensated sex workers. As the saying goes, they are high-class prostitutes. What is high-class?

Because this kind of prostitutes can already be said to come from the upper end of the prostitute industry chain, they have a rigorous organization to arrange and manage these people, and most of the workers in aided dating are mainly women with perfect looks and bodies, just like In the film, the heroine needs to do different makeup for different types of guests. It is also for her own safety. Of course, this professional risk is also very large cheap sex dolls. Don’t you see that the Korean movie "The Chaser" is a film adapted from the missing female compensation. Although women are attached to a certain interest group, they are restricted by the group's control and cannot be free.

font style=vertical-align: inherit;Sanhui 158cm (5ft2″) 小硅胶爱娃娃 sanhui030/font

  The pictures in the movie are more beautiful and soft, just as the director intends to use bright and hazy shots to neutralize the helplessness of the subject matter involved in the story, to reflect the powerlessness of women at the bottom and the confusion of life.

For the heroine, he is lucky, because he has gained a careful guard in his unknown. The French love is so delicate and tender. It is also the main reason why the heroine finally chooses to leave and start again, although the story The frame is a bit old-fashioned, but the director’s lens style is quite restrained. In many places, it’s not long-term, and it’s a good movie overall.