Kapp'n, one of the new updates of Animal Crossing

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Nintendo Direct September released a large number of new announcements related to upcoming Switch games and other games. Nintendo previously announced the update of the latest version of Animal Crossing in late October. The stream shows several new updates to the title, including the return of familiar faces.

According to the new media tracking Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it is announced that in the future, more interesting designs will be collected and added to the Animal Crossing New Horizons game. The free update includes several new tools for game interior design. Add Brewster Cafe to the museum and so on. If players want to experience the new version update for the first time, they can go to the ACBellsBuy website and choose ACNH Buy Bells. This can help players experience all the updates smoothly. The stream also announced the first paid DLC for the popular life simulation game.

The focus of paid DLC is on interior design. It also belongs to the extended aspect of the building. The whole journey is called Happy House Paradise. In the new version update, the one who will join Brewster in the competition is Nautical Karp. The return of Kapp'n leads a boat cruise to a unique island. This feature allows players to visit mysterious new islands.

Kapp'n's unique island will be able to help players find new plant species. The four seasons on the new island have different characteristics. The unique features can be distinguished from the existing mysterious islands. Players can choose Buy Animal Crossing Island Designs to explore the mysterious islands. A large amount of free content will be launched along with paid DLC on November 5. This DLC will also be provided as part of the membership of the Nintendo Switch Online Plus expansion pack.

According to a survey of player data, the popular Switch game adds mechanisms such as ocean diving. The ocean is a mysterious place. Even in real life, it will attract countless people to explore. The current content of the game has successfully proved that it is one of the best-selling games on Switch. And this success can be maintained in the future.