"Sex Doll" Classic Film Critics

Uncle Luo told reporters that besides himself, there is my physical doll daughter at home


I have a physical doll to accompany me

In a farmer's house in the northwest, Uncle Luo is putting on shoes for his silicone doll. Seeing a reporter coming to his home, he shook his hand to the reporter and said, wait a second. The reporter learned that he is the only one left in Uncle Luo's house Realistic sex doll. His son and wife are dead. Uncle Luo is now 70 years old. When Uncle Luo finishes his work, the reporter asked, are you the only one at home?

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Uncle Luo told reporters that besides himself, there is my physical doll daughter at home. He also told reporters that he had not been accompanied by his parents since he was a child, and the government helped build this house. After I grew up, my wife and children both fell ill and died, but I really wanted to have a child. I accidentally saw silicone dolls on the street. From here, I will be accompanied by silicone dolls in the days to come. Uncle Luo's home is more cozy, and everything used is for two people. When the reporter was wondering, Uncle Luo took the initiative to say that he and Xiaoli Big Tits Sex Doll have been living together for more than 20 years, and will accompany me no matter what they are doing. Although there is no one in the family, I will not be alone with Xiaoli's company. And I let Xiaoli accompany me every day, eat with me, go shopping, and work. I put on clothes and makeup for him. The days are so uncomfortable.

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Now that I have a physique, Xiaoli is of great help. If I hadn't been with Xiaoli at the beginning, I didn't know if I could survive the torment of the illness. The neighbors are also more supportive of Uncle Liu’s approach TPE Sex Doll. He has no way to interfere with what others think. But now it seems that Uncle Luo's life is still relatively warm. Although the pace of life is relatively slow, Uncle Luo lives every day. Special happiness. Maybe this is the ability of physical dolls. In my opinion, physical dolls do not necessarily have to be related to sex, but can also be a way to promote life.