Netizens Mocks the September 21 Protest Rallies of Anti-Duterte's for Lack of Participants

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Netizens took to social media as they mocked the alleged well-prepared September 21 Rally of the militant groups, the oppositons and other participants in celebration for the 46th anniversary of the Declaration of Martial Law.

The protest rally of the militant groups will converged at the Luneta Park to show to the President and the world that thousands of Filipinos if not millions are no longer satisfied with the leadership of Pres. Rody Duterte.

Despite the numerous calls from the militant groups and numerous preparations and pronouncements made by the militants, Filipino citizens seems to be aware nowadays that they were just used by the Anti-Duterte forces to fulfill their dream of replacing the Duterte administration.

Here's Some of the Most Relevant Comments Against the Rallyists:

Jerry Samorano Luhaan na nman mga dilawan. Wala ng sumama sa kanila. Nganga.

Rose Layar Nasaan EDSA 3 Wala na bang ibabayad ?sen. Trillanes. Honteveros where are your sympathizer? Kawawa naman kayo binabalewala na kayo.

The sheer number of participants joining the rally caught the attentions of some netizens and DDS supporters because of the claimed earlier made by the militant groups and the opposition that there will be thousand of people who will join their call to allegedly oust the President from office.