Path of Exile is quietly preparing an interesting expansion

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Representatives from Grinding Gear Games showed off the latest expansion pack for Path of Exile, called Scourge. Representatives from Grinding Gear Games studio demonstrated the plug-in in the last live broadcast. For this expansion, most players can't stand it anymore. The content of the trailer is already exciting enough. I believe the content of the new expansion pack will be even more exciting.

The title Scourge is about demons that we must fight with under certain conditions. This is a difficult level. Players who want to upgrade smoothly can go to and choose Buy Cheap POE Orbs to enhance the team's combat effectiveness. The appearance of natural disasters is also related to a brand new item in the game called The Blood Crucible. According to its name, it will be filled with the blood of enemies defeated by the player.

After collecting the right amount of blood, we will be able to activate the device and immediately move to the alternative reality of Wraeclast. If you think the world of Exile is very dark, then this reality is even darker. In this new reality, we have discovered hordes of demons, and we must defeat them.

In addition to demons, there will be new skill gems in the game. The purpose of skill gems is to balance the changes in the game. Players can go to and choose Buy POE Currency. Sufficient POE currency will give players a powerful battle boost. The passive ability and Atlas changes have also been slightly changed. The number of regions will be reduced to four. These changes mean that the difficulty of the game will increase badly.

Grinding Gear Games also decided to add more difficult content to the game with some bosses. These bosses will also appear in the form of stronger variants. The official also announced plans. The Atlas information will be modified accordingly in the future. In short: there is something to do.