How do I close or delete my Coinbase Pro account?

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If you no longer want to use your Coinbase Pro account, then you can easily close it. Just log in with your Coinbase Pro login details, scroll down and do as described here.

If you are done with trading or you have found a better trading exchange other than the Coinbase Pro login, then you might want to know how to close your Coinbase Pro account. Although we do not recommend users to delete their account, if they wish to do so, it is completely up to them. Using a Coinbase Pro account is very simple and once done, you cannot retrieve your account back. So, before you make a final decision, you are suggested to give it a second thought. But, before you move on, you should make sure that you do remember your Coinbase pro login details.

The first thing you need to understand is that if you have remaining funds in your account, then you should withdraw these funds beforehand. In case you do not withdraw the remaining funds, you may not be able to close your account or take out your funds later on.

After making sure that there are no funds in it, please follow the steps that I am going to list below.

Steps to delete a Coinbase Pro account

Note: if you complete this process, you may never be able to retrieve your account. So, make sure you are ready to go ahead with account deletion.

  1. The first thing you need to do is go to go to the official website of Coinbase Pro
  2. You can also open the app if you have it on your device
  3. Now, log in with your Coinbase Pro login credentials
  4. Next up, you have to navigate to the "Account Activity" page
  5. On this page, scroll down to the bottom and click "Close Account"
  6. After some time, your account shall be closed
  7. You can check if it is closed or not by trying to log in once again


The account closure process on Coinbase Pro login is completely hassle-free. All you need to do is follow the steps given in the previous section and your account shall be closed. If you have funds in your account and you have planned to send them to a fellow user, then make sure you are sending them to a person who is trustworthy. Otherwise, you may have to bear the loss of all the funds that you had sent to that person.

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