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The Consumer Staples Exchange is passionate about the success blockchain technology will have on this sector. CSX focuses on delivering a solid public-private blockchain-powered assembly of marketplaces that focus on more efficient e-commerce.

(Austin, TX, USA, 14 October 2021): Consumer Staples Exchange PS ("CSX"), a Blockchain Ecosystem Exchange sector, announced today that it is deploying its big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology shared services platform for decentralized exchanges and marketplaces. As a member of the Blockchain Ecosystem Exchange system, its single goal is leveraging the power of blockchain e-commerce to democratize the data behind human identity.

"The mission of the Consumer Staples Exchange is to horizontally and vertically unite food, staples, retailing, beverage, tobacco, household, and personal products on its blockchain-powered shared services technology in order to DEMOCRATIZE the Consumer Staples buying experience for the HUMAN IDENTITY," said Eraj Akhtar, Chief Futures Officer for CrowdPoint Technologies. "Our Futures team has a singular focus on leveraging the power of the blockchain to drive e-commerce more efficiently first. Then we can move to use a solid supply chain optimization approach to improve customer service, eventually removing bloat in the business ecosystem."

The company has been working in stealth for the past year, integrating into a common schema of 11 market sectors, providing consumers an easy way to navigate through its Blockchain Ecosystem Exchange. Its shared services include an integrated suite of proprietary nextgen blockchain, big data, and artificial intelligence technologies. The shared services also include technologies that help small and medium-sized companies grow and compete like large enterprises. The company has deployed its web-based communication service that comes prepopulated with millions of ideal customer profiles. This feat is possible through a big data customer resource manager. Also included is a website builder that provides web hosting and design services. Users can quickly build their site while integrating directly into nextgen blockchain technology. The company is currently in negotiations with several sizable Consumer Staple resource providers and anticipates making an announcement in the coming days.

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