Animal Crossing: New Horizons DLC Happy House Paradise has some new contents

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We already know that Happy Home Paradise is Animal Crossing: New Horizons first paid DCL in the new update, which will come together with the November 5 update. This is the best time to buy Cheap Animal Crossing Items on ACITems. The core of Happy Home Paradise is to create beautiful, themed holiday homes for characters who are looking for specific things. So, players will be to discover a lot of new content.

1. New Characters
Manatee Wardell is the distant cousin of Walrus Wendell, he seems to run the shop in the headquarters of Happy House Paradise. He is cute and we love him. There is also Niko, a cute little monkey wearing an HHP uniform, so we assume that he is also helping Lottie.

2. Design outdoor space
Just like Happy Home Designer, HHP allows you to decorate your client's garden. You can put almost any furniture outside, or you can put a fence in the small yard of the front yard.

3. Design Facilities
Just like a Happy Home Designer, you can design facilities: schools, theaters, restaurants, etc. When your villagers do various jobs in them, these facilities will actually become lifelike. This is probably determined by the items you add to the rooms.

4. Change the weather, season, and time
Your house looks cute, but it will look cuter in spring, don't you think? Or maybe a beautiful summer sunset? Your wish is Happy Home Paradise's command because you can change the time of day and season to best display your handicrafts.

5. Embiggen Room
You can change the size of the client's house to fit your grand design. You would think that they all want the biggest house, but that is not the case, sometimes small is cute!

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