Recipe For Glazed King Oyster Mushrooms With Kale Salad And Maple Tahini Dressing

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This Glazed King Oyster Mushroom dish amplifies the umami savory taste of the mushrooms while balancing it with sweet

This Glazed King Oyster Mushroom dish amplifies the umami savory taste of the mushrooms while balancing it with sweet, salty, sour, and spicy elements. If you've never cooked these mushrooms before, don't be afraid; it's as simple as slicing, marinating, and pan-searing them!


This was the situation a few years ago. I was in Chicago visiting a buddy, and we were having dinner at a neighborhood restaurant in the suburbs.


I can't recall the name of the restaurant, but it was lovely. It was on a little street with a few cafés, restaurants, and pubs. The cuisine was fresh and entertaining, and the premise was farm-to-table.


I ordered a salad with king trumpet mushrooms. I'm not sure what was in it, but I know it had Asian flavors. The mushrooms were glazed with soy sauce and dressed in a miso vinaigrette with crushed peanuts. And the whole thing was sitting on a bed of young greens.


I discovered the most magnificent king trumpet mushrooms earlier this summer at a local farmers' market. I had to have these! I'd been meaning to create my own version of that beautiful salad for a long time, and it was past time.


To achieve a balanced flavor profile, the earthy umami flavor of king trumpet mushrooms is tempered with a few basic pantry components in this recipe. It contains a little sweetness, a little acid, a little salt, and a little spicy fire. If you only try one new food this summer, make it king oyster mushrooms!

The Best Recipe For Glazed King Oyster Mushrooms

This dish has a well-balanced taste profile thanks to a quick and easy marinating. Mushrooms, like chicken, will taste like whatever you season them with.


You may serve these blue meanie mushrooms as a side dish with grilled steak or chicken, or as a light dinner with rice. As a salad, I served them on kale with a few other veggies. This salad, topped with a somewhat nutty sweet and salty vinaigrette, will stay with you for a long time.


  • King oyster mushrooms
  • Tamari sauce, or soy sauce, or coconut aminos
  • Light brown sugar
  • Rice vinegar
  • Toasted sesame oil
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Crushed red pepper flakes
  • Avocado

Cooking Instructions For King Trumpet or King Oyster Mushrooms

  • Brush any dirt away with a dry towel. Trim the mushrooms' bottoms and then slice them lengthwise into 1/4-inch thick slices.
  • In a large mixing basin, combine all marinade ingredients.
  • Gently toss the cut mushrooms in the marinade to coat.
  • Allow the mushrooms to marinate for 30 minutes at room temperature. You'll see that they've shrunk slightly.
  • Sauté (or grill) the mushrooms until brown and caramelized.

How To Keep King Trumpet Mushrooms Fresh

For up to 2 weeks, keep these mushrooms in a brown paper bag in your fridge's crisper drawer.

How to Grow King Trumpet Mushrooms

  • Cleaning mushrooms is simple, and you don't need to immerse them in water. Simply brush any dirt away with a dry towel.
  • Don't leave out the marinade. These mushrooms are pretty bland on their own, but when marinated, they take on a ton of flavor!
  • You may grill these mushrooms instead of pan-searing them if you like. Grill them for 2 to 3 minutes per side over medium-high heat. if you want to get more information, please visit the website