OTS personnel, inangasan ni Congressman Bertiz sa NAIA-2

"Incident at NAIA Terminal 2 Domestic Departure,where as of Today Security Condition Level 2 Alert is currently implemented.

Posted September 9,2018 in News and Politics.

Ariel Nazara
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All passengers and employees are required to take off their shoes at the final security checkpoint respectively. We will be putting in private, the name of the personnel that was harassed.

First enters Imee Marcos, kindly took off her shoes following security procedures.

Then enters this ignorant polpolitician, Congressman Aniceto "John" Bertiz III, as per instructions, was advised to take off his shoes, but deliberately ignored the screening officer and went in.

Then harrassed and shoved his damn ID unto the OTS personnel's face and took the officer's ID.

Violating a lot of security protocols and to our expectation, called MIAA General Manager Ed Monreal to Terminate the Screening officer.

WTF, Mr. Congressman! 'Di ka presidente para ma-exempt sa SOP's, mayabang ka!

Abusive of the authority given to you by the people! Kapal ng mukha mo.

Simple instructions, you can't even follow?

May utak kaba? You call yourself a public servant? Shame on you ignorante!"

Video courtesy of APD
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