Animal Crossing: New Horizons prepares items for Halloween in advance

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The final months of 2021 will be an important moment for Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans. The annual Halloween event is coming soon. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is making preparations before the holiday. Players can purchase and make various seasonal items during the Halloween event.

After Animal Crossing: New Horizons was launched in 2020. Animal Crossing has released a large number of free updates. The updated content includes bug fixes and other minor incidents. These updates are less volatile for players. Does not affect the great creation of the player at all. Uninspired players can visit the ACBellsBuy website. After getting inspiration, players can choose Buy Animal Crossing Bells to achieve great inspiration. This Halloween event is back again with three new projects for fans.

The return of Halloween items includes three new items. They are Ghost Trick Light, Ghost Tree, and Ghost Snack Basket. For fans who played the first Halloween event in the past year, these three projects are very meaningful. Because these three projects follow tradition. Players will feel the taste of traditional Halloween. Players who want new ideas can wait for the big update in November.

Fortunately. Fans who are interested in these three projects will be happy to know that these three projects are not difficult to obtain. Every item can be purchased. Players who want new items can also choose Buy ACNH Bells to get a different and new experience. Just like the rules of the game, all game items need pumpkins. As part of the DIY recipe, pumpkin is relatively easy to get in this activity.

For a small group of people, the Halloween update may be disappointing. Because it only contains three items used for such traditional large-scale events. Professional players have a lot of great ideas. Players can realize new ideas of location through customization. In the future of Animal Crossing Direct, this is expected to allow us to see future large-scale events. Given that the Animal Crossing update will have its Direct function, it is safe to assume that this November update will be important.