​Animal Crossing after the update, which becomes more beautiful

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The Animal Crossing 2.0 version, which is coming according to the normal plan, has finally been confirmed. The time is set for November 5, 2021. Fans of Animal Crossing will update the game and get ready to play the game. Among all the updates, only the DLC project is not yet open. But this does not affect the mood of the players. players can also enjoy other updated items.

To upgrade to the latest version, the host needs to be connected to the Internet. If your Animal Crossing is not automatically updated. You can click the plus button on the homepage of Animal Crossing, click Update Game, and you can start to update the Animal Crossing game. I paid special attention to Brewster's coffee shop before. For this update, I will choose Buy Animal Crossing Bells to prepare in advance. All internal updates need to be upgraded before you can enjoy the new content.

The Pigeon Boss Cafe finally appeared in the action forest. Players can spend 200 yuan to drink a cup of coffee specially made by the owner in the cafe. This has become my daily task. In the process of drinking coffee, you will also encounter islanders and NPCs on the island. If you have very good friends, players can also invite friends to have coffee on the island!

The newly appeared island gave all players a big surprise. But players can pay 1,000 miles to travel to a brand new island. During the voyage, I will also sing in Niijima. The destination is a secret location known only by the helm. I like Brewster. Before I came to the cafe, I would go to ACBellsBuy and choose Buy Animal Crossing Bells. Unlike the island you go to at the airport, you may arrive at an island full of incredible plants, or an island in different seasons and times, making every journey full of surprises!

There is also a fifth Amiibo card in the new update. Amiibo has 48 cards in total. The fifth generation of cards has new characters that have not appeared before. In short, the character is very cute. There is a photo studio for animals crossing the island. In the 2.0 update version, Beagle Island has added a square with various shops in which players can donate pottery figurines.