Pokemon Sword and Shield each kind of Poke Ball

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Players can find 27 different Poke balls in Pokemon Sword and Shield, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Buy Shiny Pokemon on PKMBuy is very cheap. When the player captures new allies in Pokemon Sword Shield, these poke balls can be selected. Here are five of them.

1. Poke Ball
This is a standard red top and white bottom Poke Ball. The default catch rate correction value of the original Poke Ball is x1, which serves as a benchmark for Poke Ball performance.

2. Great Ball
Poke Ball is slightly improved, the catch rate of the Great Ball is corrected to x1.5, which increases its efficiency in capturing Pokemon by 50%. There are several red labels on a Great Ball, which can be identified by the blue upper part.

3. Ultra Ball
The Ultra Ball can be said that it is the most commonly used of all poke balls, it is the most effective Pokemon catching device, which can be purchased in batches in the late-game store. The correction value of Ultra Ball's catch rate is x2, which is twice that of the basic Poke Ball. They are yellow and black and they are easy to spot.

4. Master Ball
There is no doubt that Master Ball is the best device to capture Pokemon because it has an amazing x255 capture rate correction value. The maximum potential to capture any given Pokemon works with a factor of 255, which means that the Master Ball guarantees that you will catch any Pokemon you throw at it.

The problem is that there is usually only one Master Ball in each Pokemon game, which prevents its power from being abused. The Master Ball is always purple, with a pink semicircle on the top, and the letter "M" highlighted.

5. Safari Ball
These camouflage poke balls are only available in certain areas of Pokemon games prior to the 8th generation. Each time you enter the Safari Zone, they will be provided to players in batches, because regular poke balls are not allowed. The Safari Ball's catch rate correction value is x1.5, making it as effective as the Great Ball.

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