Duterte's Ambitious 'Build, Build, Build' Project To Transform The Philippines Could Become His Legacy

Under Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, the Southeast Asian country is experiencing an infrastructure boom unseen since the time of strongman Ferdinand Marcos.

Over the next decade, the government is set to embark on an ambitious $180 billion infrastructure spending bonanza, s



Philippine Department of Finance (DOF) chief economist Karl Chua said in an interview that the government is looking at 75 flagship projects, which include six airports, nine railways, three bus rapid transits, 32 roads and bridges, and four seaports that will help bring down the costs of production, improve rural incomes, encourage countryside investments, make the movement of goods and people more efficient, and create more jobs.

The government is also aiming to construct four energy facilities that will ensure stable power supply at lower prices; ten water resource projects as well as irrigation systems that will raise agricultural output; five flood control facilities that will help protect vulnerable communities as well as boost their resilience against the impact of climate change; and three redevelopment programs that will deliver sustainable solutions to best meet the needs of urban population.