How to find Omanyte and Omastar in the Crown Tundra DLC of Pokemon Sword and Shield

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Crown Tundra DLC introduced a large number of Pokemon from previous generations into Pokemon Sword and Shield. You can Buy Pokemon any you like on the PKMBuy website. This mainly includes the legendary Pokemon and those Pokemon that can only be obtained through fossils. Let's take a look at where to find Omanyte and Omastar in the Crown Tundra DLC.

How to find Omanyte at the Giant's Foot
When surfing in the tall grass, the trainer will have a considerable opportunity to have a visual encounter with Omanytes between levels 60 and 65. They cannot be found in sandstorms, but there is a 24% chance to bump into them in all other weather conditions except snow and blizzards. For the latter weather condition, the encounter rate is 20%.

How to find Omanyte and Omastar in the Roaring Sea Cave
Conditions for finding an Omanyte in the Roaring Sea Cave are the same as the methods for finding them at the Giant's Foot. Even the level at which they can be found in the same, which will make searching for them easier to remember.

However, for Omastar, this can be a bit tricky, because only a single individual spawns here as a wandering encounter. This Omastar will reach level 68 and can be found in any weather conditions.

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