How to sign into the Fidelity Login account?

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Fidelity investments refer to an investment management services and it operates a brokerage firm that helps in managing a large family of mutual funds.

Fidelity investment ensures the users by providing fund distribution and investment advice, retirement services, index funds, wealth management, cryptocurrency, securities execution along with the clearance. Also, Fidelity login have opened the pathway for its users by offering them the opportunities like asset custody, and life insurance. 

Now, to enjoy and experience these services or facilities offered by Fidelity investments, the users require an online account known as Fidelity login account. So, to get the steps for creating and accessing the Fidelity login account, follow the instructions given in the information highlighted below. Also, the information consists of other fidelity login account related information too.

How to sign into the Fidelity Login account?

The stepwise procedure that has been mentioned below defines the procedure of signing in to a Fidelity login account:

  1. Firstly, visit the official fidelity website i.e.
  2. Here, click the ‘Sign in’ page and to the page directed, enter the details like username and password within the respective fields.
  3. At the end, click the ‘Log in’ button thus, the users Fidelity login account will be opened over the device.

How to create a Fidelity login account?

By following the procedure detailed below, the users could easily create their Fidelity login account that they may use for experiencing the functionality of Fidelity:

  1. Move to the official fidelity login page i.e. www fidelity com login
  2. Here, click the ‘sign in’ button, and to the page, the users have been directed, they need to click the ‘New user? Register Now’ option.
  3. Thus, the form appearing over the screen need to be filled with all the requisite details like username, email address, name, and many more.
  4. On next, create a strong password and re-enter the same within ‘Confirm password’ field. 
  5. To the bottom end of the end, the users will see some terms and conditions to which the users need to make an agreement by making the checkbox in front of it or by clicking the ‘I agree’ button displayed below the terms and conditions.

Hence, the Fidelity login account will be created and thus, the users may now use the functionality and services being offered by the Fidelity login.

How to change the username and password of the Fidelity login account?

Follow the underneath stepwise procedure for changing the username or password of the Fidelity login account:

  1. Now, first and foremost, visit the official fidelity page followed by clicking the sign in button displayed over the rightmost corner of the home page.
  2. Here, the users need to enter their username along with the corresponding password.
  3. And then, once the users sign in to their Fidelity login account, they need to move to the ‘Your profile’ panel.
  4. From this panel, the users need to choose ‘Security settings’ and here, they need to enter the login id or password again.
  5. And then, they may choose any of the field that they prefer to change including username, password, or security question.

Hence, the users’ username, password, or security question will be changed, successfully.

How to remove the Fidelity login username from the saved list?

Sometimes, the users use some other users’ device to sign in to their Fidelity login account and thus, they will that their fidelity login to be removed from their saved list. Thus, to do so, follow the steps mentioned below to remove the username from the saved list:

  1. In such case, the users need to simply remove the tick mark from the ‘Remember me’ checkbox at the time of signing in to their fidelity login account. 
  2. Hence, the users’ fidelity username will be removed from the saved section of the device, for sure.

Similarly, if the users have logged in to their fidelity account using multiple devices then, they need to do this same procedure on every device separately to remove the fidelity username from the saved list of every device.


  • How to trade using the fidelity login account?

Trading using the fidelity platform is very easy as the users need to simply launch their trade ticket by selecting the trade option from the black bar displayed at the topmost corner of every page.

  • What types of fidelity login accounts are eligible?

The users may use the Mobile check deposit for HAS and the most fidelity brokerage accounts and IRAs. Even, the users’ eligible accounts are listed in the account selection menu on the ‘Deposit a check’ screen.

  • Can the users use the service to deposit checks into an IRA?

Yes, the users may deposit checks into any of the following IRAs:

  1. Traditional
  2. Roth
  3. Roth IRA for minors
  4. Traditional Rollover
  5. Roth Rollover
  6. SEP (simplified employee pension plan)
  • What all types of checks are acceptable over the Fidelity login accounts?

The users may deposit any type of checks that they usually deposit in the mail or at an investor centre. So, the checks that are acceptable through this service include the following:

  1. Personal checks
  2. Cashier’s or bank checks
  3. Certified checks
  4. Federal reserve checks
  5. U.S. Treasury checks
  6. Business checks
  7. Institutional checks


Fidelity login account makes it as possible for the users to experience the trading and other services facilities being offered by the Fidelity investment brokerage platform. So, just follow the steps for signing in, accessing, and removing the Fidelity login account highlighted in the information mentioned in the aforementioned article. Also, get in touch with the Support team of fidelity login by calling to their toll-free number, if facing any concern or issue while following these steps.