Top Reasons to Choose An Ahmedabad CBSE School With a 9Gems Framework

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Here are some reasons why you should consider an Ahmedabad school that follows the award-winning 9 GEMS framework in education and how it can be beneficial for your child.

What exactly is the 9 GEMS framework followed by the best Ahmedabad CBSE school?

The 9 GEMS pedagogy offers a wonderful framework that is specially designed to foster all-around development in students. The framework basically uses integrated learning methods and holistic approaches in its curriculum. 

Here, there is a good blend of modern and 21st-century approaches and value-based approaches that don’t just limit to academics but also in other areas of child development. The goal of the dynamic 9 GEMS framework is to develop children and prepare them to take on the roles of global citizens and socially responsible entrepreneurs.  

What are the 9 GEMS and how are they used in Ahmedabad Schools?

Academic Excellence: Being the primary GEM, Academia is given the highest emphasis by using the latest methods in teaching and learning. They make use of the latest technology like smart classrooms and labs and there are project-based learning techniques to help students gain a deeper understanding of their subject topics. To optimize learning outcomes, there are exchange programs and values-based learning which help children get a broad perspective in their learning.

Sports Excellence: Another important GEM is Sports excellence where children are exposed to different sporting activities which will enable them to pick key skills like teamwork, sportsmanship, dedication, critical thinking, and collaboration. The idea is to help students develop a fit body along with a fit mind.

Visual and Performing Arts: This is also a crucial GEM that enables students to express themselves through their innate art skills. Children are encouraged in a 9GEMS Ahmedabad School to take up at least one Extracurricular activity and one Co-curricular activity in order to increase their confidence levels and their self-worth. Digital, visual, and performing arts will promote their creativity and help improve their out-of-box thinking and also enhance their imagination. 

Personality Development: This GEM ensures that your child will hone his innate skills and also learn skills in a culturally diverse environment that will help in building their personality. Students also get trained in theatre, photography, public speaking, and many such club activities which will enhance their personalities.

Creativity and Innovation: Creativity doesn't just limit itself to arts and crafts but can be applied in every sphere of life. In today’s competitive environment, there is a need for creative thinking in all situations in order to bring about the best and unique outcomes. The best schools in Ahmedabad have creative development programs that enable students to develop their innovative approach to finding new solutions.


Entrepreneurship and Leadership: In the current century, these can be the most valuable skills a citizen can possess. The best Ahmedabad schools cultivate their students to become future leaders and entrepreneurs by exposing them to various lectures, projects and counselling sessions in order for them to become better decision makers.


Universal Values and Ethics: Apart from producing successful citizens, this GEM ensures that students turn out to be good human beings too. This Ahmedabad CBSE school follows the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi and other inspirational leaders like Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa by introducing children to community welfare programs where they are taught the importance of kindness, respect and the need to maintain peace.

Community Care: There are various activities within the school and community where children undertake and initiate projects for the welfare of their community. The aim is to expose them to the problems of the community and to give them the inclination to serve their community.

Skills Development: The skills development GEM will ensure that children understand the difference between career, vocation, and life skills. Children will be in a better position to understand where their strengths lie and what can be more meaningful to pursue in their lives.


These are some wonderful GEMS used by the best Ahmedabad CBSE school in 2021. This school also provides state-of-the-art facilities and well-educated faculty who ensure the skills from the 9 GEMS are instilled appropriately in each student of the school.