It has been 8 months since I played this game last

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It has been 8 months since I played this game last. The game is totally new. Some dodgey no scam trade (good). two new skills, however my friend has informed me about the prospecting process... Additionally, I must say that the grand exchange is incredible! I managed to get 1756 pieces with 25 grams of RuneScape Gold gold ore. I'm just lvl 7. While I'm not sure how it works this is an amazing concept. You should also know something about the purests and the reason why pking is out of favor. ).

There's a lot to do however it's been too long since I've played. Jagex has introduced a new minigame named Bounty Hunter to replace the previous pking. It's a huge arena located within Wilderness which you can go into to find an objective.

The target is able to be killed, or any other. If you have further questions about Bounty Hunter, you can find it on the Runescape website. Clan Wars Arena was also created, which effectively nullified plans to sabotage planned wars between dishonorable clans.

The second ability that was released was Summoning. Basically this allows you to summon creatures to aid you in battle and in skills. You should read the KB on the official Runescape website for more info, as it's a very large and broad ability.

The "Assist System" also came out. It allows players to "request assistance" from a player who has an upper level than. Let's say I'm crafting and want a black dragonhide corps. To create the body, I will need to "request assistance" from someone with the right level of Buy RS3 Gold crafting. The person who has the appropriate level will select the crafting skill via the pop-up menu. This will allow you to make the black dragonhide bod.