How does Animal Crossing change a new roommate?

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The ACNH 2.0 update has been going on for some time. The scope of this update is very wide. The items or functions players want can be found in the update. If the player has something he likes, he can also directly choose to purchase 2.0 ACNH items.

In the Happy Home Paradise where Animal Crossing, players can get and remove roommates. This is an item that the original game did not have. Getting or removing roommates is not a simple task. The content of the new event is challenging and will increase the player's fighting spirit. Players who are short of time can choose Buy Animal Crossing Bells. Players can complete the task smoothly while saving time. Strictly speaking, the process of the new roommate function is a bit complicated. And finding a perfect roommate is not easy.

In Happy Home Paradise, players need to complete the corresponding tasks before they can unlock the roommate function. Only after completing these tasks can you proceed to the next step. The task was to design 16 different holiday houses. Once your holiday home is operational, your former guests will come to your office. The task officially begins. Guests who come will ask you to find roommates for them, and then you can add them to the room you build.

Even the best friends who live together get bored with each other over time. So, if you want to remove your roommates, you need to visit them at their holiday house. Ask the character you want to delete about their roommates, and you can create your own holiday home for them. If you meet a suitable roommate, players can also choose Buy ACNH Bells from the ACBellsBuy website. With bells, you can also buy flowers of various colors to decorate your home. The two angry characters are separated, and you can choose to give them a new roommate or let them live alone. According to the rules in this way. the player will complete the task.