How to find heavy boots in Pokemon Sword and Shield

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One of the most challenging elements of Pokemon Sword and Shield will be the various traps set on the battlefield. Players who want to avoid these traps must operate heavy boots. Buy Cheap Shiny Pokemon can save you game time. Entry danger is undoubtedly an important part of the game, but heavy boots can get rid of them.

Boots are placed near Highway 6. The player should drive along the center of the Galar on the left, players are ready to find camp by themselves. Then, participants should turn left into your Galar mine. After entering the area, the coach can walk down the track on the bridge. Finally, participants will cross the bridge to see the minecart behind the miner's NPC. The heavy boots are located in the Poke ball on the right side of the minecart.

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, the best way to punish role changes is to set dangers or traps. When all these entry traps are active, players who quickly exchange players will be punished by HP. However, when the Pokemon gives you heavy boots, the trap will not work, and the trainer can replace the Pokemon at any time.

However, many players found too many boots and pawned them in exchange for a small amount of cash. But for players who like to fight, this is a huge mistake. There is only one set of heavy boots in the game, and players who throw them will be in a desperate situation unless they can meet some friends who have an extra pair.

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