Stenter Machine Manufacturers Should Be Ready For Use

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The direction deviation of the printing guide belt: Exporting Flat Screen Printer needs to run through the correction device during installation and adjustment

(1) The direction deviation of the printing guide belt: Exporting Flat Screen Printer needs to run through the correction device during installation and adjustment, and the guide belt is trimmed, so that the direction deviation of the printing guide belt can be manipulated within the correctable range. However, with the increase of the use time, the deviation of the conduction band is likely to become larger and beyond control. There are many factors that endanger the deviation of the printing belt. Specifically, there are the following aspects: the deformation of the printing belt, the unevenness of the tension sensor of the belt tension roller, the supporting force of the supporting roller, and the resistance of the correction device. Or fail.

(2) Twisted screen or disconnected: The twisted screen or disconnected condition of the printing machine during the printing process will usually cause the production and manufacturing to be terminated, which will endanger all the normal development of production and processing. At the same time, it will affect the product quality and product cost. There are different levels of harm. The key factors that cause the twisting or disconnection of the network are various aspects, and the following is a specific analysis:

①The hazards of printing belt:

②Installation hazards: negligence during installation and adjustment usually causes twisting or disconnection of the network.

③The hazards of actual operation: Errors in actual operation can also cause fatal damage to the rotary screen. When loading and unloading the rotary screen, two people must cooperate with each other, and the posture should be light. It is not necessary to bump the rotary screen on other hard blocks. All inadvertent bumps and bumps will cause safety hazards to the conventional application of the rotary screen. Secondly, you must be especially careful when loading and unloading the scraper. Don't bump the net wall. Once you leave a scar on the round net, it is likely to become a breaking point. In addition, the tension of the rotary screen must be moderate, and the pressure of the scraper must be gentle and non-impact. To ensure this, the one-way throttle valve on the air path of the scraper elevator should be adjusted appropriately to make the cyclone gentle. No significant impact.

④Other influencing factors: In addition to many of the above factors, the elements that endanger the twisting of the rotary net include the use of rotary net materials, the adhesion of the net head and the rotary net, the maintenance of the rotary net, etc., all of which are not allowed at any stage. Careless.

(3) Slurry blocking: Rotary screen printing machines of Stenter Machine manufacturers may be blocked in the whole process of application. The key factors of plugging are as follows:

  1. The hazards of yarn-dyed fabric: The yarn-dyed fabric is not solved by very good dust removal before entering the printing belt, which usually causes the surface of the yarn-dyed fabric to become ash, plush, residue, etc. to block the circular mesh holes. The operator can adjust the pressure of the brush roller on the yarn-dyed cloth in the dust removal device according to the cleaning level of the yarn-dyed cloth to achieve the purpose of the dust collector to ensure that the yarn-dyed cloth entering the printing belt is clean.
  2. The hazard of the slurry: If the printing slurry does not pass a very good filter before application, the residue and insoluble particles in it will be beaten into the cylinder along with the slurry according to the slurry supply equipment, thereby blocking the mesh. , It is difficult for the slurry to penetrate, and at the same time, the viscosity of the printing slurry is also a certain hazard to the water permeability.
  3. The hazards of the rotary screen: In the specific production and application, nickel screens with different screen meshes should be selected according to different types of textiles and different patterns. Generally speaking, 31.5~39.4 mesh/m (80~100 mesh) mesh is more suitable for printing general pattern, and some fine wire frame patterns use 49.2 mesh/cm (125 mesh) or even higher mesh. Number of nets. When a patterned round net is removed, it should be cleaned immediately to clean the slurry adhering to the wall and top of the net, and then carefully place the round net in a clean and tidy room. When applying architectural paint printing, the same countermeasure should be adopted to avoid the blockage of the size path caused by the blockage of the mesh.

(4) Flower escape: When the rotary screen printing machine prints multiple sets of printing patterns, the precise positional relationship between the printings during the printing process cannot be maintained for a long time, causing the pattern to shift, and the result of the shifting causes the middle of the printing to appear Expose white or color, this kind of situation is called escape flower. The situation of flower escape is caused by various reasons. Specifically, there are mainly the following aspects:

①Driving system deviation: In the design scheme, the operating speed of the rotary screen guide belt is 2% faster than the operating angular speed of the rotary screen on the circle. ~4%. up and down. Once the speed difference between the two is very large or the conduction belt deviation occurs during the operation, it will cause the pattern of the overprint to shift and cause the flower to escape.

②Registration deviation: The adjustment range of the registration of the rotary screen printing machine is: vertical registration ±20mm, which is completed by a differential protection structure (magnetic ring type rotary screen printing machine is not restricted); horizontal registration is ±10mm, from outside The thread structure is completed; the diagonal alignment is ±3mm, which is completed by the axial force structure. The rotation of the rotary screen printing machine's coordinated installation of the various parts in the flower adjustment organization and the loosening of the camshaft pair will endanger the precision of the rotary screen printing machine and cause flower escape. Therefore, the more severely damaged parts in this organization should be disassembled immediately. In addition, it should be checked whether the "0" ring in the vertical damping system software is invalid. If it is invalid, it should be replaced immediately to avoid this. The escape of flowers.

③Squeegee deviation: If the installation of the squeegee head is not firm, the verticality is not good, or the total width of the squeegee head is inconsistent with the scale marked on the squeegee support, it will cause the pattern to shift. , Resulting in escaped flowers.

④ Actual operation deviation: The flower escape situation caused by wrong operation is specifically manifested in the sudden lifting of the printing machine, the use of emergency brake buttons indiscriminately, and the unevenness of the textile sewing head. The most essential way to prevent this influencing factor is to do a good job of staff training and management, and strictly follow the safety operation regulations and process regulations for production and manufacturing.

⑤ The characteristics of the textile itself: the characteristics of the textile itself are unstable. There are pre-stressed steel bars before printing. When the printing slurry or architectural coating is encountered during the whole printing process, it will cause the shrinkage and cause the escape of flowers. Therefore, it is necessary to use the yarn-dyed fabric that has been solved before. In addition, before printing, thermoplastic or water-soluble cloth adhesives should be used according to the types of textiles, so that the yarn-dyed cloth will not cause misalignment when sticking to the printing belt, thereby preventing the The situation of escape of flowers due to closing.

⑥Other factors: the direction of the guide belt is deviated during the operation of the rotary screen printing machine, the load-bearing beam of the rotary screen is loose, the failure of the fence cylinder, the innate manufacturing deviation of the nickel screen and other factors will definitely make the pattern. Displacement, causing escaped flowers. Therefore, it is necessary to take certain effective measures to eliminate them according to different situations.