Do you want to know what the Path of Exile Heist contains?

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The main content of the Path of Exile Heist is that players need to hire robbers in the rogue port to help them steal cultural relics or POE Currency. Although most of the loot you take from the Heist is your own, the target artifact is that you try to reward you. Something other people have gained. Payments for these regular looting missions will help you fund and plan your own “big Heist”, which is an ambitious task for personal gain. Once you have found the blueprint for the “big Heist” target, you can plan to attack a larger, more heavily defended multi-wing building. On the schedule, you can spend resources to reveal new areas, shortcuts and potential rewards.

As a long-term “Path of Exile” player, the rewards for completing the heist look very attractive. Each vault in the heist contains several ultimate rewards, but you only have a few seconds of choice, and you can only hold one of them. After escaping, you will get a copy of one of the highly acclaimed and unique elements of the “Path of Exile”. I think this is worthy of your hard work in return.

The unique items of Path of Exile are rare and interesting equipment in the game. Every single uniqueness has a characteristic that cannot be found elsewhere in the game, and we build many characters of one or more specific uniqueness. Therefore, it is tempting to choose one from the task list as a task reward. people. You need to find the copy from the vault which is as powerful as the original copy, but the process is tortuous.

The Heist update seems to be a complex and wide-ranging game. Considering all the work, voice agents and alternative systems during its creation, the developers seem confident that they will maintain a certain capacity in the next update.

The update of “Path of Exile” has a lot of work to do, including a collection of expanded and reworked skills. Curse spells that impose rebuff effects become more and more powerful, and if you cast them manually, their effects will become more obvious. The upcoming Doomsday Support Gem will add explosive moments at the end of all attached curses.

Grinding gears also expanded the technical scope of steel. These forgotten subsets of magic have been overhauled and seem to be more fun to use. Players can summon broken, orbiting swords from the ground, and buy Path of Exile Currency to get ammunition, and use archery attacks to pierce and pierce enemies. The interesting part is the “Call of Steel” skill, which can summon the fragments thrown by the enemy’s corpse, cause additional effective range damage, and refund the ammunition you have used. Brutal.

With the release of the Heist update, “Path of Exile” will also be supported by MacOS, so that our more artistically inclined friends join us. As always, these don’t cost a cent. You can say this is a steal.