Animal Crossing: How to build the Museum?

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Animal Crossing is a kind of vitual reality. Things in reality can basically be done in this game such as building a museum, which is a complex and time-consuming project.

Animal Crossing 2.0 Museum owns larger area, better screen effect and more aesthethic spectacle than the former one. Museum is a building with strong fuction, and as long as we prepared the required meterials, the museum can be built at once. With the following introductions, let's build our own museum!

Museum Curator Mr. Blathers

When players enter the museum, the night owl Mr. Blathers is who they must meet with. He is the curator of the museum. He will sleep in the daytime because of the natural instinct. Players who enter the museum in the daytime can still weak him up and greet him. Mr. Blathers settled on this island.

Players can give their insects and fishes they find in the process of their advanture to Mr. Blathers. Players are also allowed to send the unknown fossils to the museum to identify them. Mr. Blathers is a man of great knowledge, and he will introduce these fossils donated by players in detail.

Museum Business Scope

Museum is a place for collection and exhibition, in addition, it render such service as donation and custom exhibits. Besides, Fossil exhibition and Bug exhibution are also within, not only that, Aquarium, Art Gallery and Gift Shop are included too.

Museum Sit Selection

Constructing a museum need quite large horizontal area due to that occupied area is singular and cannot be perfectly symmetrical, also, the ramp cannot be placed exactly in the middle.

Condition of Construction

1. Donate 5 fish or insects to Tom Nook

2. Pick a right placeon the island for museum

3. Wait for the museum to be set up, generally for one day

4. Donate 15 fish fossils or insect fossils to Mr. Blathers the next day

With these conditions above, a museum will be built

After completion, players can plant trees around the museum. If there is enough space, a fence enclosed outside the museum can be served as a docration. If palyers prefer courtyard style, they can pave a road with pebble in order to improve apperance. Animal Crossing endow players the freedom to design, so players can design what they like according to their preference.

Players on the island will find new fossils radomly. There are two ways to handle them. One is for sale, the other is to indentify them from Mr. Blathers. Once identified as a rare fossil, it will be sold at a very good price.

If players don't want to sell these new fossils, they can also leave them and exchange them with other players for other kinds of fossils. Except for fossils, islander might be obtained some Animal Crossing Bells. If they are lucky, an entire illustrated book will be collected soon.

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