SMSF In Focus

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Fulfilling all the services you need to run a successful SMSF

SMSF In Focus helps you with SMSF investment strategy and minimizing risks. We have SMSF specialists from the Legal, Tax, Accounting, and Finance industries to offer a complete solution. Our mission is to educate investors on how to make informed decisions. With a commitment to your SMSF’s success, we provide a portfolio of services to help during each step of the process, from setup to settlement and beyond — including ongoing administration, accounting, and auditing services.

We help by:

  • Setting up your SMSF so it’s legally sound from the word go
  • Determining your investment strategy to get the results you need
  • Increasing your borrowing capacity to buy your desired investments
  • Finding the best SMSF loans and structuring them ideally
  • Taking care of your annual reporting obligations
  • Devising an insurance strategy to minimize risk
  • Providing advice around Retirement Planning and financial matters
  • Facilitating Pension Income Streams and access to your SMSF
  • Compliantly winding up your SMSF when the time comes

We help you calculate how much you can borrow and assess your superannuation borrowing capacity. Discuss your borrowing options across a variety of SMSF lenders. Get in touch with us today!