10 Rules to Choose the Right Bridesmaid Dress That will look great on all of the bridesmaids

Every woman wants to have a nice and memorable photo together with her bridesmaids at the time she gets married.


But it is not just about the marriage photos deciding on the best bridesmaid dress is essential because your bridesmaids are going to be with you throughout the marriage ceremony. So today we'll tell you about 10 rules that may help you choose the right bridesmaid’s dress which will also complement the good thing about the bride’s wedding gown.

1. Determine the theme of the wedding first

You will need to determine the theme of the wedding as well as the theme from the overall wedding before picking dresses for the bridesmaids. For example, if you prefer a romantic-themed wedding, you can go with a far more modern style bridesmaid dress. But if the wedding is going to possess a classic theme, you can choose a retro-style bridesmaid dress to complement it.

2. think about the budgets

Budget is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a bridesmaid’s dress. Before you go shopping you need to first think about: How much can I afford to pay for that bridesmaid dress? Because the bridesmaid’s dress doesn’t need to be as expensive because the bride’s dress and besides let’s not confuse your guests about who’s the particular bride shall we?

3. Choose bridesmaid dresses according to your dress

First, you need to find a wedding gown that you as well as your bridesmaids love, after which choose the bridesmaid dress based on the style of the dress. This way your bridesmaids are going to be able to pick what type of dress they are going to be wearing according to your wedding dress.

4. Select a style that flatters

The details of the bridesmaid’s dress ought to be handled carefully. Because you may have more than one bridesmaid and every one of them will also possess a different physique. Everyone may have her complexion and hair color. So you have to consider each one of these factors ahead of time to pick ideal dresses for each of the bridesmaids.

5. Keep the overall type of all your bridesmaid’s dresses consistent

Whether you like bridesmaid gowns or not, you need to keep the overall look of the bride party consistent. The appearance from the bridesmaid dresses, the color, neckline, or fabric – should be unified. This can be achieved by utilizing add-on accessories for example matching necklaces or earrings, or small shawls to attain a matching search for your whole bride’s squad.

6. Maintain fabric consistency

But remember that same style dresses made from different fabrics will appear a lot not the same as one another. In addition, samples that are displayed in sample books often look completely different in real life. So, it’s easier to look at the fabric of every dress before choosing it to ensure that the material is consistent in each bridesmaid’s dress.

7. Modify the dresses when needed

Everyone’s measurements and fittings are going to be different unless all of the bridesmaids are twins. So there's always a possibility that some modifications will need to be designed for the bridesmaid’s dresses also it can cost you extra for having the dresses customized.

8. Have a chat together with your bridesmaids regarding their preferences

Pay attention to their dress preferences and get them what type of dresses they like the most. Communicating regularly together with your bridesmaids can help in getting dresses that the bridesmaids will happily wear since the dresses are going to be according to their wishes.

9. Don’t have a lot of features on the dress

Adding some features to some dresses in some places increases its elegance. But putting a lot of features on the dress may have the opposite effect. For example, you might choose different necklines and colors but keep your fabric the same. Or, choose different dress fabric (lace, cotton, chiffon, brocade, etc.) and necklines however in the same color because of the rest from the dress.

10. Find complementary colors.

The selection of bride dress color may be the first step in pairing the color of the bride’s dress using the dresses of bridesmaids. First of all, you've to pick an easily pairable color for your wedding dress. Second, consider what colors would be considered a good pair for that color of the dress. The most obvious solutions would be to have both bridesmaid’s dress as well as your dress produced in all white. Or a black bridesmaid dress will even go well together with your white wedding gown. Pink gray is another very popular option for both bridesmaids and bride's dresses. There are also some bolder color pairs of dress colors, for example, cobalt blue and pink bridesmaid dresses in case you as well as your bridesmaids feel a bit adventurous.