Do you think that they'll address little forward?

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Its lame that a guard same build as a little forward has better stats from everything.I loved my 6'9 slashing shot creator in 2K19. They didn't even try to balance them that they simply hit on the nerf button. Only decent builds are lockdowns and MT NBA 2K21 don't like them. It's possible to make some nasty 6"7 little forward builds like I have 2 nasty ones but that is the cap. After 6"7 it's complete garbage, everything goes down too much up to some place where it ai not worth it.

Bevause most guards are tall. You can make a shooting guard 6'7 and also receive badges. Did they ever explain why positions get different amount of badges, seems rather dumb to me. I suppose they tried to make it so taller players do not get a big advantage, which is kind of stupid because their attributes are confined manner lower than shorter players. Yeah but nevertheless the guards are far more defenders with the graphs, athletic dunkers, shooters. they will need to balance them, how can a 6'3 protector be a dunker than a 6'9 sf lol 2K.

I am there with you. I've always loved the flexibility of the SF position and I truly feel like they got dealt a bad hand. The majority feel like lesser versions of the guard/big counterpart, although there are a few workable SF assembles. I believe it comes down to a few things so year, that 2K did: Virtually every guard build is flexible as hell this year.

Length/size is considerably less valuable this past year. This is most likely mainly due to the core stats restriction for height ( speed, strength, etc ), but size feels just like a fairly weak trade this off season versus speed/agility. Also, in where a size mismatch might exist, intimidator seems to fill. In my view, it comes down to the fact that the SF position receives a gray area between guards and bigs.

They do have the versatility of a guard that is nicely made build and Cheap NBA 2K21 MT Coins the size benefit you get doesn't feel like enough to make substantial mismatches.