Path of Exile: Heist lets players pull off their own theft

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On September 18th, players can enter the latest "Path of Exile" league (game version). The new member called "Heist" allows players to break into their own paths in difficult strongholds and reward themselves with some unique items.

In Heist, the player needs to complete the heist. Before that, the player needs to hire some thieves in the rogue port to help them steal items or POE Currency and prepare the blueprint for the new job.

When players fight monsters in the "Path of Exile", they will encounter tokens (a new currency) and contracts. Spending tokens brings players to Rogue Harbor, where Rogue can sign Rogue on the contract. Each contract will take players to a different facility where they will work with thieves hired to steal the treasure.

During the heist, players need to always pay attention to the alarm table on the screen. If discovered by the guard, the guard will lock the treasure. Players can loot the treasure room in the robbery, but the artifact is the main goal. If the player can put it into the artifact before warning the guard, he can steal it or the guard will start to act. If the player manages to escape, they will keep the loot. But death means that all previous preparations have fallen short.

When the player collects artifacts, they can sell them to the walls of Rogue Harbour, pick up more marks, and lead to the heist. The big heist is more complicated and requires more help from the thieves and a greater return.

At the end of each heist, players can choose from five unique rewards. Some attractive new items include new systems, such as "replicas of unique items" and "alternative quality jewelry", which are new additions to the path of exile.

Copying unique items requires 100 unique items, which can be easily obtained through Path of Exile Currency. Instead of arches that are usually scaled due to agility, the strength of the dungeon arch may be reduced. These small changes will increase the interest in the "Path of Exile" metadata in a few months.