They do include more dialogue post launching however

They do include more dialogue post launching however


I love when Folks complain that the dialog is Animal Crossing New Horizons Items insistent and someone always has to come out of the woodwork to say"don't worry I read online from some random person This game really has the maximum dialogue ever" like that is supposed to be helpful lol

They do include more dialogue post launching however. Dialogue has been added for every single event

This dialogue subsequently has to be translated into a dozen languages. It's no small task

A fantastic way to view unique conversation is to play at different times of the day. For example Snooty villagers have more Varied conversation at midday. Whereas Smug villagers have more conversation at night

I am new to it, but I'm not really comprehending the hype. The progression is slow and it feels just like the main mechanisms are"gather these things, sell some, wait till it is possible to collect more things." Am I missing something, or doing something incorrect? I've paid two loans off so far, planted my cash like 5 times. Just One tree has given me cash back however

First week kinda stinks if you aren't utilized this style of game since they dripfeed items and mechanics. You then kinda locate your own pleasure. Most like overhauling their island and getting all the fish/bugs looking for the month

There is no correct way for more If you plant more than 10k you've got a 30% chance if obtaining this sum, otherwise it will default to 10k. The amount of bells buried Doesn't affect the likelihood like it in sooner games

Example: Plant 20k You either have a 30% chance of obtaining 60k in the tree or a 70% chance of having 30k

Most efficient way is to cheap Animal Crossing Bells plant 10k everyday, but its a close race with burying 99k everytime