Small diggers Whangarei

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We specialise in high-quality Interior Airless Spray work, including Murals and wallpaper feature walls We pride ourselves for starting and finishing on specified dates. We only hire professional, s****ed painters for all of the work that we do.

Many Small diggers Whangarei for construction or landscaping purposes, making them available to be relocated at any given moment. If you have the need to relocate your Small digger, please look no further than ASP Painting.

There are plenty of Small diggers throughout Whangarei so finding one should not be too hard. Small diggers are different from other machines in that they cannot run on the road like a truck or van because Small diggers are considered their own form of transport. This means that if you need to move your Small digger you will need someone who is capable of moving it with another machine, such as an excavator forklift which can pick up and carry objects (like Small diggers) much easier than if you were to use a Small digger bucket.

If you are looking to dispose of your Small digger, ASP Painting has the answer. We have over 15 Small diggers available from Small to Medium sizes up to Large size excavators for sale or hire. The Small Excavator S510 is equipped with a Komatsu SAA6D140E-5 Engine for extra power and comes with 2 buckets (GP70 GP25) plus it can lay asphalt! Why not indulge yourself in this Premium machine today?

Visit our website at  call 0274528279 for more information on any of our services offered throughout Whangarei!

Small diggers are versatile and known to be used in construction or landscaping. Small diggers can be moved by a forklift excavator or disposed of with ASP Painting! Small diggers are available from Small to Medium sizes up to Large size excavators. Small Excavator S510 is equipped with a Komatsu SAA6D140E engine for extra power comes with 2 buckets plus lays asphalt! Visit our website at 

Airless spray roof painters Whangarei smaller than the standard size excavators, but can still be large enough to carry out small projects or work on small sites. These Small diggers in Whangarei come with many different features and attachments which allow them to perform various tasks, for example grading work, digging holes, loading trucks etc. At ASP Painting Ltd we offer Small diggers Range from $120 - $180 an hour + GST

So if you need Small diggers service in Whangarei contact us today!

Small diggers are available for rental at our depot weekdays 8am-5pm Saturday 8am-12pm. Terms Conditions apply. We ask that customers provide their own suitable safety gear.

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