​How much will you cost for entire upgrade of the house in ACNH

House in Animal Crossing can be more attractive and spacious by upgrade. If you are interested in decorating your house, the followings may help you in some points.


How to update house in Animal Crossing  

Newbies in the game for the first time, are familiar with the game rules guided by Tom Nook. For the first step, players need to choose a suitable settle place on original island. A simple tent is what you live in. If you want to level up your house, talk with Tom Nook in service office and then click the "about my house". But one thing must be attended that the tent is involved in loans. Only you pay off the loan of 5,000 Nook Miles, can you continue to expand and level up the house. There will be new housing loan after expansion.

Process of house upgrade

All services involved in house expansion, relocating or increasing storage must be officially completed until the next day. There are seven levels about house upgrade:

Level 1, 98,000 bells needed, upgrade the tent to a formal house;

Level 2, 198,000 bells needed, expand the housing area, 1 room in total;

Level 3, 348,000 bells needed, add a new room in front of the house, 2 rooms in total;

Level 4, 548,000 bells needed, add a new room on the left, 3 rooms in total;

Level 5, 758,000 bells needed, add a new room on the right, 4 rooms in total;

Level 6, 1248,000 bells needed, unlock the second floor, 5 rooms in total;

Level 7, 2498,000 bells needed, unlock the underground floor, 6 rooms in total.

You can not only enlarge the house in Nook, but further decorate the extended house. Decoration can change the outlook of house, gate and roof, 5,000 bells required. If players find another  settle place, you can also relocate your house. Decide where you want to move and talk with Nook the next day. Then you can move your house with the cost of 8,000 bells. Players who pay off the loan initially can obtain a change to remodel the house for free, which can save a large mount of bells.

Why do we upgrade the house?

Every upgrade can enlarge the total square of house and increase rooms. As long as you unlock all the rooms on the first floor, the third floor and underground floor can be unlocked. After three floors are all unlocked, you can conversation with Nook to enlarge your room so as to store more livelihood and live more comfortable. After these all be done, you can see your stored items when you return to your own house by clicking the right key on the handle cross key, the storage item interface displayed.

However, the if you increase your storage, you are unable to apply for loans and the price is more expensive as well as need to pay 500,000 bells in advance. After transaction, the construction can be completed the next morning. Whether house expansion or increasing storage space requires enough bells. Come to ACBellsBuy.com to Buy Animal Crossing Bells to dress up your room!

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