driving this electric motorcycle is like driving a two-wheeled robot

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driving this electric motorcycle is like driving a two-wheeled robot

driving this electric motorcycle is like driving a two-wheeled robot

The technological career of brands dedicated to mobility alternatives has been a constant for quite some time, but the truth is that this circumstance has accelerated clearly in recent years. And this situation generates truly surprising results, as is the case with the new Davinci DC100 electric motorcycle.To get more news about DC100, you can visit davincimotor.com official website.

To begin with, it should be noted that we are facing an intelligent and high-performance motorcycle. As the Davinci Dynamics brand, of Chinese origin, claims, this is the culmination of seven years of hard work. And it is that, to its clearly futuristic design and inspired by the “Cafe Racer” aesthetic, we add the fact that the qualities of the vehicle make one think of a two-wheeled robot, as we will see later.
At the structural level, it should be noted that the DC100 integrates an aluminum alloy monocoque chassis and a cover for the large 17.7 kWh lithium battery. It rolls on Pirelli Diablo Rosso III tires and will be available in matt gray or bright orange, colors that enhance its appeal.

The DC100 offers more than remarkable performance, as it accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in about 3 seconds and can reach a maximum speed of 200 km / h. Its electric motor offers a maximum power of 137 hp and a maximum torque of 850 Nm, while its battery provides an exceptional range of 357 kilometers. Through fast charging, this battery is fully recharged in about 30 minutes.

The bike’s features include hill start assist, regenerative braking, reverse gear, and traction control. It also has a function inherited from cars with automatic transmission because, just by releasing the brake, the DC100 begins to advance slowly to guarantee a smoother exit from a standstill.
But the most surprising features of Davinci’s new electric motorcycle are, above all, its ability to self-balance thanks to a dedicated electronic power steering. In addition, the vehicle can even track targets and move autonomously at low speed (5 km / h) using a remote control controlled by the owner.

That is, it has the ability to come to meet us at a certain point. Associated with the motorcycle is a mobile application that allows you to configure certain parameters of the DC100 as well as consult numerous data and statistics for each journey. Davinci offers two variants of this advanced electric motorcycle. And it is that, in addition to the DC100, the DC Classic will also be marketed, which will be a limited edition of only 50 units even more exclusive and built in a more traditional way.

Both versions can already be reserved at a price of around 26,000 euros in the case of the DC100 and that amounts to about 78,000 euros for the DC Classic. Deliveries will still have to wait, as they will take place between spring and summer of next year 2022. If you want to see the DC100 in full action, you can do so in the video that accompanies this article.