How to get DIY recipes in Animal Crossing - part two

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In last news, we've presented four ways for DIY recipes such as by Main plot, Nook's Cranny and so on in Animal Crossing. For the detail information, you can check “How to get DIY recipes in Animal Crossing” in last news. Another four ways will be introduced in today's news.


By shooting balloon

Balloons are floating above the island randomly, which will be seen for most players. Aiming it and hitting with a slingshot, a variety of gifts including furniture, materials, bells will drop, occasionally DIY recipes.  


By Message bottle

Apart from balloons, Message bottle filled with DIY recipes also appear on the island randomly, a letter with a DIY recipes enclosed as you picked and opened them.


It is renovated from 6:00 in the morning to 18:00 in the afternoon. That is to say, you can get two Message bottles in a day.  




By Blathers' sister

After the completion of the museum, Celeste, sister of museum curator Blathers will come to the island some day after seven o'clock in the evening ranging from Monday to Friday. She will be on the beach generally. If you conversation with her, a DIY recipe you will get.


It is regular to obtain DIY recipe of Star wand for the first conversation, a DIY recipe of constellation for the second conversation. After that, the DIY recipes you get is random, such unique recipes as star pochette and starry-sky wall involved.


By friends gift

For some repeated DIY recipes you obtain in the game, due to its non-repeatability, you can choose to sell them but the prize may not desirable. Otherwise, you can exchange repeated DIY recipes with your friends or give them as a gift as a good way to redistribute these recipes reasonably. The more you donate to your friends, the more you'll get from them.  


The above is the entire content of ways to get DIY recipes. There are eight methods in total. Hope you can collect all the DIY recipes as soon as possible through these ways. If you just don't have the time to try different methods, you can Buy Bells Animal Crossing through ACBellsBuy.


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