Prepare to Fly in World of Warcraft's New Zone When You Unlock it in Eternity's End

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Prepare to Fly in World of Warcraft's New Zone When You Unlock it in Eternity's End

Be prepared to fly in World of Warcraft’s new zone, as it has just been confirmed in a new interview with Ion Hazzikostas and Sara Wons, WoW’s Senior Level Designer, that flying will be unlockable in 9.2, Eternity’s End. The interview is originally in French, and WowHead has an excerpt from Wons confirming the feature.To get more news about bbuy wow gold safe/b, you can visit official website.

It seems that flying will have to be unlocked through the Cyphers of the First Ones progression system that will arrive in the update. With Zerith Mortis as the new zone, this progression system will both let you learn about the First Ones and more of the lore, all while unlocking a whole series of new rewards and options.

In confirming that flying is coming, Won’s translated response says we should look for more in the decryption system to unlock flight in the area. We’re left to wonder if it will be available as in Shadowlands or if there will be another way to take flight in Zereth Mortis. Flying mounts are also coming for your collection, so things are going to get interesting as you find out more of the secrets hidden in the new area. Flight has appeared in World of Warcraft before in limited ways, so aside from mounts, are we looking at something that could work differently? Maybe. This is the update that will let you equip two legendaries, so count on there being more to discover and enjoy.

With the 9.2 update will come a whole host of new things to World of Warcraft, and it will mark an end moving towards a new beginning. Expect a whole lot more to be revealed along the way, now that 9.1.5 has been out since earlier this month.