Serve & Return are the Most Important Shots in Table Tennis

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The vast majority of new ping pong players serve in the same manner each time. As a result - if you want to take the sport seriously and enhance your game, you must serve in a variety of capacities. You should keep your opponents wondering whether you're playing on a standard or professional table tennis table.

When watching intermediate and professional athletes, you will see a variety of services. Everyone needs two: one with a lot of backspin on the ball and one who is quick. You can serve with your forehand or backhand; however, some players use both. You should get points for your serves.

As you improve your table tennis skills, you must learn to return strong serves from challenging opponents. Because there are virtually infinite combinations of speed, spin, and position, the goal is to be prepared for practically everything. It's natural to struggle with returning serves at first.

To enhance your talents, you must forecast the serve your opponent will make, shift your position, and be ready to return a good serve. The game moves swiftly, and everything happens in a split second, so learning to think quickly is crucial.

Playing against top-tier opponents might help you improve your return skills. To play effectively against your opponent, you must first determine the sort of spin he uses to the ball as it approaches you. If you're up against topspin, you'll need to be prepared with a driving shot. When dealing with backspin, a push shot is perfect.

Understanding your opponent's shots is a talent that will require practice. When returning serves, you must be cautious of the potential of sidespin. More experienced opponents may spin their serves in a variety of ways, requiring you to adapt your strokes to deal with each one. You may enhance your talents through practicing and training.